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AQA therm Accessories

AQA therm Accessories

BWT AQA therm products are designed to be installed in the heating circuit of your central heating system, separate from the pipes that deliver water to your kitchen and bathrooms. The right heating water will help protect your entire heating system as it can prevent limescale, corrosion and deposits in your heating system. This further helps you to avoid malfunctions or breakdowns without the use of chemicals where local restrictions permit.

The AQA therm range of products, system components and accessories have been designed and developed to let you perfectly condition your heating system’s water – using no chemical additives in accordance with BWT’s AQA therm purity directive.

Please note: that this product complies with the requirements of German Directive VDI 2035 a series of guidelines set out by the association for the control of water quality for heating water and is referenced in EN12828 a standard applicable to the whole of Europe since 2012.


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Used with our AQA therm Products

AQA therm accessories


    All AQA therm accessories are designed to be used in conjunction with our AQA therm products, which allow you to perfectly condition the water in your heating system without the use of any additives – gives your heating system the right water it needs and prevents limescale formation and corrosion.

    • Enjoy

    Permanent Cosy Warmth by keeping your Heating System well-maintained and trouble-free.

    • Protect

    Perfect, Natural Heating Water that is right for your Heating System.

    • Save

    Saves you money in the long run by enhancing the efficiency and improving the performance of your Heating System.

  • AQA therm HES for MOVE Power

    AQA Therm HES

    The AQA therm HES, is designed to be installed immediately after HFB Connection module. This multi-function module incorporates an electric water meter with liquid crystal display, a docking station for the optional water treatment cartridges and the AQA therm adaptor, a shut-off ball valve and a treated water filling point (Note: non-potable water!).

    This module can be used with the appropriate cartridges for softening or desalination of local source water ensuring only optimized water is used for filling or re-charging your heating circuit. The electric water meter can register and display the flushing, filling and refilling volumes accurately.

    The AQA therm HES works equally well with the AQA therm HRC hardness-reducing cartridge, using the principle of ion exchange, or with the SRC desali­nation cartridge which reduces both calcifying and corrosi­ve substances in the water.

    By using the AQA therm adaptor and appropriate connectors the HES can also be used successfully with the AQA Therm Move Power as a convenient connection point into heating circuits that need to be filled with larger volumes of high purity RO water.

  • AQA therm HES Adapter for MOVE Power

    AQA therm HES Power Move Adapter


    This unique adaptor has been designed and developed to allow for the easy fitting of the AQA therm Power Move to an existing connection point within the heating circuit. The adaptor is easily fitted into the docking head of the AQA therm HES and provides two handy points for the hoses from the Move Power to be connected to.

  • AQA therm HFB for MOVE Power

    AQA therm HFB

    At the heart of the AQA therm HFB BA is a backflow preventer, pressure reducer and two shut-off ball valves. It has been designed and developed as part of the AQA therm HWG modularized system to provide a safe and standardized connection between the heating circuit and the drin­king water supply.

    The HFB protects your normal water supply from the risk of contamination by stopping any back flow of system water into your drinking water supply. For this reason, it must be permanently connected between your normal water supply, and the heating system this allows it to be refilled safely at any time.

    The backflow preventer is a double check valve compliant with DIN EN 1717 designed specifically to prevent the return of polluted water into the supply line, external systems or other system compo­nents.

    It includes the following components:

    • Heating filling block
    • Integrated backflow preventer that prevents back flow of heating water into the drinking water system
    • Integrated filter for filtered water to standards
    • Built-in pressure regulator (1.5 bar pre-set, manometer, barrier, cladding)

Protecting Your Heating Systems

Installation in Domestic Water System

Protection against Limescale and Corrosion


The best heating water without additives