AQA therm MOVE Power

The AQA therm MOVE Power is a compact BWT RO System designed to facilitate the easy, efficient, and sustainable filling of heating systems following the “BWT ReinHEIZgebot” standard. This standard allows for the protection of the heating circuit from Limescale and corrosion without the use of chemicals. Using instead carefully prepared perfect purified water with any damaging salts and contaminants removed.

It comprises of the following components:

  • Mobile unit features sturdy chassis with step friendly wheels and display head and preconnected accessories
  • 2 x high efficiency RO Membranes Cartridges
  • Water Meter
  • Smartphone App for Monitoring


Please note: that this product complies with the requirements of German Directive VDI2035 – Chemical Free Water for Heating a series of guidelines set out by the association for the control of water quality for heating water and is referenced in EN12828 a standard applicable to the whole of Europe since 2012.

Technical Data Sheet
Description Unit AQA Therm
MOVE Power
Nominal connection width DN/ZOLL 20 / ¾
Water supply connection DN 20
DrainConnection DN 6
Permeate connection DN 20
Nominal Pressure (PN) bar 10
Max. operating pressure bar 9
Feed presure  –  min/max bar 1,5/4
Water – ambient temp -min /max ºC 5…25/5…40
Permeateflow @15º c open outlet new membrane l/h ca. 360
Permeateflow @15º c 2.5 bar back pressure  new membrane l/h ca. 320
Permeateflow @15º c open outlet end of operating life l/h 300
Permeateflow @15º c 2.5 bar back pressure end of operating life  l/h 250
Efficiency (WCF) % <50
Salt rejection – min % 95
Capacity per membrane cartridge  40
Membrane cartridges Anzahl 2/2
Protection class IP 54
Mains connection V/Hz 230/50
Power consumption – max w 450
Fuse Internal A, trage 2 x 2.0
Pump size m³/h 0.8
Power consumption pump motor – max w 350
Pump Motor VAC/A 230/2.3
Dimensions without stair wheels (Length x width x Height) mm 355 x 795 x 290
Operating weight kg 44
Dry weight kg 88.6
Item No. 125299762

BWT therm MOVE Power Brochure
BWT therm MOVE Power Data Sheet
BWT AQA therm MOVE Power manual