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AQA therm MOVE Power

AQA therm MOVE Power

RO System VDI2035 – Chemical Free Water for Heating

The AQA therm MOVE Power is a compact BWT RO System designed to facilitate the easy, efficient, and sustainable filling of heating systems following the “BWT ReinHEIZgebot” standard. This standard allows for the protection of the heating circuit from Limescale and corrosion without the use of chemicals. Using instead carefully prepared perfect purified water with any damaging salts and contaminants removed.

It comprises of the following components:

  • Mobile unit features sturdy chassis with step friendly wheels and display head and preconnected accessories
  • 2 x high efficiency RO Membranes Cartridges
  • Water Meter
  • Smartphone App for Monitoring


Please note: that this product complies with the requirements of German Directive VDI2035 – Chemical Free Water for Heating a series of guidelines set out by the association for the control of water quality for heating water and is referenced in EN12828 a standard applicable to the whole of Europe since 2012.


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  • The Ideal Solution to protect your Heating System


    • It is able to provide continuously monitored perfect purified water ideal for filling and topping up your heating system.
    • BWT Purified water helps provide protection from limescale, corrosion, oxygen and bacteria as well as improving performance and overall system efficiency.
    • With a flow rate of approximately 320-360 l/h* it can produce up to 80 m³ of filling water (at 20°dH and approximately 600 S/cm conductivity).
    • Due to the compact design, low weight, and the inclusion of stair wheels, the AQA therm MOVE Power is perfect for constantly installers moving between sites, changing environments as well as the stationary operation.
    • The flexibility of the AQA therm MOVE Power makes it ideal for jobs beyond the charging of heating systems and ideal for applications wherever perfect purified water is needed.

    *Depending on the incoming pressure/temperature

  • AQA therm MOVE power benefits


    • Perfectly purified water that is constantly monitored
    • Up to of 80.000 litres* from only one set of membranes
    • Thoroughly sustainable- provides water in an economical, resourceful and friendly way
    • Suitable for Mobile and stationary applications
    • Compact design and the inclusion of step friendly wheels for ease of use
    • Intuitive user interface for ease of use Ready to use immediately – only electricity and drain connection is required.
    • Comprehensive App places documentation at your fingertips
    • Quick and simple membrane changes

  • AQA therm MOVE Power Smartphone App

    BWT MOVE Power Smartphone App

    • 4-colour status LED
    • Total, daily & membrane litre counter
    • Flowrate l/h
    • Total amount of permeate
    • Start and stop pressure
    • Real time permeate pressure
    • Conductivity/temperature
    • Pump pressure
    • Service indication
    • Membrane status display
    • Manual re-feed
  • Improved performance of your heating system

    Eco-friendly, Cost-effective Solution for Your Home

    Installation in domestic heating water systems

    BWT AQA therm products are designed to be temporarily connected or permanently installed in the heating circuit, this is a circuit that is separate from the pipes that deliver water to your kitchen and bathrooms. Designed to provide water of the right quality so as to protect the entire heating system

    Protection against deposits, corrosion and air

    The right water can prevent limescale, corrosion and deposits in your heating system, thus helping to avoid malfunctions and breakdowns.

    The best heating water without additives

    AQA therm products, ideally coordinated in accordance with BWT’s “ReinHEIZgebot” pure heating water concept, let you perfectly condition your heating system’s water, using no chemical additives.


  • BWT Reverse Osmosis For Cleaning Windows

    Many other applications

    The AQA therm MOVE Power is also suitable for a wide range of applications where a high quality purified water is required. The high volume, flow rates and pressure of treated water delivered by the unit means that for many applications a separate storage tank is not needed.

    Reverse osmosis water is frequently used in manufacturing, for window and glass cleaning, ice rinks, car washes, aquariums and for many other applications where purified water is required.

Water Purifier that looks after your Heating System

Permanent Cosy Warmth

The right water in the heating system ensure smooth, efficient, maintenance and trouble-free operation

Perfect, Natural Heating Water

The right water can prevent limescale formation, air, and corrosion in your heating system

Saves Money in the long run

Heating water prevents deposits that cuts your energy costs as your heating system always operates flawlessly


The MOVE Power provides purified water in the most economical and environmentally friendly way, without chemical additives