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BWT AQA Clean and Protect

BWT AQA Clean and Protect

Water softener resin cleaner and disinfectant

BWT AQA Clean and Protect helps keep your water softener in tiptop condition by using home cleaning and sanitising treatment.



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  • Simple and convenient method to clean and disinfect your water softener at home

    Simple and convenient to use 

    Kit contains: Resin cleaner and disinfectant

    Provides a cleansing and disinfection treatment between services 

    Keeps resin and salt compartment hygienically clean

  • Cleaning and sanitising treatment for your Water Softener

    BWT AQA Clean and Protect is simple to use home cleaning and sanitising treatment to help keep your water softener in tiptop condition.


    No matter how effective your water softener is at regenerating, it is inevitable that over time small particles from incoming water supply may be left behind in the resin. These small particles not only reduce the efficiency of you water softener but also can provide a place for germs to hide.

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