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Over 60% of the UK live with the effects of hard water. Hard water contains various levels of hardness minerals that have dissolved into the water. This naturally happens as it passes through rocks, like limestone, on its way to our reservoirs. The more dissolved minerals, the harder the water is said to be.

BWT Water softeners remove these minerals using a process call ion exchange and in doing so, transforms it into silky-​​​soft BWT Luxury Water.

Up to 90% of households recognise the effects of hard water, whether at home or on holiday. The hardness minerals in the water can precipitate out at any temperature, but is most notable when hard water is heated. The effect is similar to that found in the bottom of a kettle and can also happen in your hot water system, showers and appliances like washing machines. This reduces their efficiency, increases running costs, and can lead to premature failure.

Modern water softeners are fully automatic requiring the householder only to periodically top them up with salt. Whilst most domestic water softeners are fitted out of sight in a kitchen cupboard, they can equally be fitted in a utility room, garage or even outside in a special cabinet. Economical to run they are an effective way of combatting limescale and scum around the home. BWT water softeners are available in a range of sizes to suit the smallest to the largest household. Designed in the UK, they are suitable for all types of hot water systems commonly found in UK homes.

Other benefits of luxury water include:

  • Protecting central heating, appliances and hot water systems.
  • Being gentle on your body so skin feels softer, and hair looks shiner.
  • Reducing the amount by you spend on limescale removers by up to 100%
  • Reducing the time spent cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Helping you save up to 50% on shampoo, soaps, conditioners and detergents.
  • Protecting delicate clothes by using less washing powder, and cooler, shorter wash cycles.

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