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BWT D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve

BWT D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve

BWT’s D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve is the Master of all Classes

The BWT D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve is ideal for protecting the water distribution pipework and water using appliances in domestic, commercial and industrial premises. Setting and maintaining the optimal pressure can help reduce excess water usage, noise, vibration and potentially leaks. The D1’s patented technology and the Venturi-effect allows for higher flow rates whilst reducing and maintaining the chosen downstream pressure even if the incoming pressure is subject to change. The correct pressure helps to protect pipework, joints and appliances.


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  • Optimum Water Quality

    BWT D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve Models

    High quality pressure reducing valve for the protection of appliances
    and plumbing systems in domestic, commercial and industrial

    Reduces pressure to prevent vibration, noise and appliance damage

    1/2 & 3/4″ models share common dimensions for easy upgrades

    Advanced and patented technology creates a Venturi effect that
    deliver high flow rates and effective pressure control

    Manufactured from high quality brass for strength and longevity

    Easy change stainless steel filter element 160 μm

    Clear and easily visible scale for easier pressure adjustment without
    the need for a pressure gauge

    Metal Bowl Models:
    D1 Eco 85.25 for water temperatures up to 85 °C

  • how does d1 eco pressure reducing valve works

    How does it work?

    What does D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve do?

    A pressure reducer protects water supply systems and appliance from high or fluctuating incoming water pressure. This helps to reduce water
    consumption, noise and vibration as well as the risk of leaks.

    What sort of problems can arise from excessive pressure or pressure fluctuations if a D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve is not fitted?

    Excess press can cause old or poor joints to leak
    It can contribute to burst pipes especially where pipes are old or damaged
    High water pressure or changes in pressure can lead to vibration, and knocking
    When the pressure in the incoming mains exceeds the working pressure of your appliances it can lead to premature failure, Increased water consumption
    and even leaks

    Does a D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve have to be serviced?

    It is recommended that a pressure reducers be inspected regularly and serviced annually.

  • D1 eco pressure reducing valve

    A design masterpiece!

    Robust in construction, the D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve is approximately 50% heavier than similar models for durability and a long service life. Manufactured from high quality brass the D1 not only looks fantastic but is easy to use and service. Its cleverly designed and patented venturi system optimises the relationship between pressure and flow: This relationship is expressed as a – Kvs value* of 9.3m³/h (DN 25).

    • The Patented Venturi effect optimises the flow rate with perfect pressure control to deliver industry leading flow rates size for size.
    • < 50% heavier than similar units (e.g. weight D1 Red 1 “: 1.7 kg vs. competitor 1.14–1.4 kg).
    • Inlet water pressure up to 28 bar (Metal Bowl models).


    *The Kvs value expresses the flow rate in a pressure regulating valve when the valve is fully open and a pressure differential of 1 bar.

  • D1 eco pressure reducing valve range

    The Full range

    • The D1 is available in three materials: brass – gunmetal – stainless steel
    • Different models available – operating range up to 40 °C cold and 85 °C hot
    • Eco models are also available on request in sizes up to to 2″ (please call for details)
    • 1/2″ -1″ models are a common length for easy installation
    • All models are fully serviceable with a full range of spare parts and consumables available


    Can’t you find your model or spare part? 

    Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you

  • 10 years warranty on D1 eco pressure reducing valve

    Get your 10-​year warranty!

    against fault materials and workmanship when:

    • Your D1 pressure regulator is installed and commissioning in line with our Instructions
    • The product is used only as Intended by us the manufacturer
    • The unit is inspected regularly and serviced in accordance with the maintenance instructions
    • Product is registered in the Best Water Home App as soon as possible after
  • D1 eco pressure reducing valve maintenance

    Simple Maintenance

    • Simple to use annual service reminder easily set up from within the App
    • Then the app reliably reminds you when the annual inspection of the filter screen is due
    • The stainless steel strainer element (160 μm) can be checked regularly through the transparent bowl
    • A trained operator can clean or replace in a few simple steps
  • D1 eco pressure reducing valve water app


    Wherever water runs to drain, either in to a washbasin, sink a shower tray,
    or even when watering the garden, water and money is essentially is washed
    down the drain. A pressure reducer can help eliminate this waste. Now you can maximise those saving with the BWT D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve , and the help of our adjustment aid in the app.

    The BWT @home-App lets you keep a watchful eye on your BWT products – from anywhere, at any time.

    Download now for free!

Benefits of D1 ECO Pressure Reducing Valve

Up to 10 years guarantee
When installed and registered in line with manufacturers instructions

Save water and money with the BWT App
Unique pressure setting aid within the app allows for easier set up , Pressure can be adjusted without tools.

Never miss a filter change
The clear bowl allows you to monitor your filter element easily. An easy to set reminder in your App ensures you never miss a routine filter change

Technical Data


Temperature range:Plastic bowl water models up to 40°C & Metal Bowl Models up to 85°C
Dimensions:DN 15 – DN 20 / valve insert, spring bonnet, sieve and filter cup are common in size
Inlet pressure:1- 16 bar (plastic bowl models) / 1-28bar (metal bowl models)
Outlet pressure:1.5 – 7 bar
Filter bowl material:Brass UBA, Red brass lead free or Stainless steel
Housing Material:Brass UBA – Red brass lead free – Stainless steel


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BWT D1 Brochure BWT D1 Manual