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Luxury Water Hardness Test Kit

Luxury Water Hardness Test Kit

Hard water test kit for testing total water hardness in ppm/mg/l

The reliable and consistent accuracy of this Luxury Water Hardness Test Kit provides a simple and convenient method to measure water hardness at home.


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  • Simple and convenient method to test total water hardness

    Simple and convenient to use 

    Kit contains: Test tube and reagent 

    One drop = 10 parts per million of total hardness 

    Test tube can be simply washed under the tap  

    Contents – suitable for multiple tests 

  • BWT Water Hardness Test

    A simple to use at home hard water test kit that comes complete with reagent and handy test tube in handy storage box.

    Easy to use the water hardness level is measured by adding the reagent one drop at a time to a sample of your tap water until changes colour. Each kit is supplied with enough reagent for multiple tests.

    The reagent is not dangerous and requires no specialist storage conditions.