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Luxury Water Softener PERLA

Luxury Water Softener PERLA

The Luxury Water Softener Perla is the water treatment system with double or even triple power and safety

BWT’s Perla brings a new era of comfort! – modern, pleasant and intuitive as never before.

This BWT brand-new softener has Double Luxury Water power thanks to two exchange medium columns, so you can enjoy silky, softened water around the clock, 7 days a week without interruption. This means, when one exchange medium column is exhausted, the second automatically takes over and continues the process.

The BWT Perla also has an adaptive parallel operation which helps it achieve the maximum peak water flow of up to 53 litres a minute! This means you can enjoy BWT’s silky, soft Luxury Water for longer, without interruption and from multiple taps throughout the house and at the same time.

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  • bwt perla duplex

    Duplex system for 24 hours of Luxury Water 

    BWT’s Perla is a duplex water softener that operates through an ion exchange process.

    During the ion exchange process calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the water and replaced with sodium ions. This results in zero limescale and silky, soft BWT Luxury Water. The two columns are filled with an organic ion exchange medium (resin).

    The Perla system is fitted with a device that disinfects the exchange medium columns with brine during regeneration. While the brine is being drawn, the regeneration process is adapted to the respective pressure ratios, the consumption of salt and regenerating water is reduced to the necessary minimum – a process known as precision salt metering. These processes are based on the exact recording of all measurement data.

    Thanks to the optimised brine preparation process, it takes less than half an hour to produce only as much brine as is needed for regeneration. The brine collects in a special recess of the regenerating medium tank, from where it is drawn. Once the brine has been drawn, the regenerating medium tank no longer contains any liquid. An ultrasound sensor in the lid measures the fill level of the regenerating medium and displays it as a percentage of availability in the BWT Best Water Home app and on the device display.

  • perfect regeneration luxury water bwt perla

    BWT Perla water softener in operation - How does it work?

    The BWT Perla operates according to your water usage patterns, for example the amount of Luxury Water you use in one day is considered. The water flow is adapted to meet the demand when going through the two exchange medium columns that are filled with ion. This operating mode ensures maximum availability of Luxury Water whilst also minimising the risk of inactivity in the two columns. The only time this does not occur is during the regeneration process.

    The regeneration process takes place at night (when less water is used) where only one column softens the water whilst the other is used for regeneration. If capacity usage drops below 50% before the time it is usually checked (before normal regeneration) then proportional regeneration starts immediately.

    If the capacity usage drops below 50% after the time it is usually checked, then the unit assumes that the remaining capacity is sufficient enough to last until the next regular regeneration time. Regeneration will begin immediately when capacity has either been reached or no later than the time of the regular regeneration.

  • bwt perla design

    When design meet technology

    On the front design of the BWT Perla you’ll find:

    Touch display
    Device status display
    Proximity sensor

    BWT Perla works as quietly as a whisper. On the other hand, with its visual attractions the well thought-out design of the BWT Perla that has been awarded many prizes doesn’t stint on anything. For example, when the Perla is not in use, the device status display (The BWT logo) and the touch display are in power save mode and switched off. When you approach your BWT Perla, the displays are automatically activated via the proximity sensor and switched on – that’s smart technology from BWT!


  • BWT Perla safety water softener

    Feeling Three times the safety

    BWT’s Perla safety system provides comprehensive protection for your home against water damage. BWT Perla protects your home from water damage with 3 safety systems:
    • AQA Guard floor sensor(s): Up to 10 sensors monitor moisture on the floor (direct protection against, for example, a ruptured washing machine hose).
    • AQA Stop: Indispensable leak protection, in case of a major leak, is included free of charge. If the AQA Guard sensor detects moisture, AQA Stop cuts off the water supply in the house.
    • AQA Watch: An alarm function that alerts you when prolonged low flow rates are exceeded.

  • BWT Perla Luxury water softener app


    ▪BWT Perla sends all those relevant notifications to your smart phone via LAN, WiFi or GSM. This includes salt level or service information.
    ▪With the BWT@home-App, you can also set holiday mode remotely
    ▪View operating tips and tricks
    ▪Contact the BWT help desk or your service partner who can also download data from the system remotely in order to provide telephone assistance, provided you have activated the function.

  • Perla water softener free home commissioning

    Free @ Home Commis­sioning

    Free @ Home Commis­sioning is the perfect way to ensure your new Luxury water softener is perfectly set up for you, your home, your lifestyle and your local water conditions.

    Set up correctly your new Luxury Water softener will adapt to your normal water usage and make sure that you always have copious amounts of silky soft Luxury Water available when you need it.

    Perfectly tuned to your soft water needs your new softener minimises the amount of salt you use making it extremely efficient.

    BWT’s Free @ Home Commissioning also provides the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about how your new softener and how it works.

Installation in domestic water systems
Did you know a single-family home has approximately 60kg of limescale running through its pipes? BWT Luxury Water provides optimum protection for your whole house.

Effective limescale protection
Helps to protect from limescale build-up so no more marks on glasses, cutlery, kitchen and bathroom surfaces as well as helping to ensure household appliances and pipes work effectively for longer.

Silky-soft Luxury water
BWT transforms hard water into silky, soft Luxury Water. Leaving you with softer skin and hair whilst also protecting your household appliances against the build-up of limescale.

  • Standard Installation Check list

    All necessary pipework including the main water supply and waste pipe must be visible and accessible.
    The model of softener chosen must be suitable for your home.
    There must be sufficient space to install your softener within 2m of your main stopcock (this is where your cold water supply enters your house).
    The stop cock must be in a working condition.
    The installation must be within 2m of a suitable outside wall through which a small over flow pipe can be installed.
    There must be easy and safe access to a mains plug socket within 2m of the proposed installation.
    Once installed you will have enough room to top up the salt


    Not able to tick all the boxes? Don’t worry, at BWT we understand your home is special and unique to you, but in most cases it is possible to install a water softener without any issues. Occasionally our site survey team do find that a standard Installation is not possible, in these cases they will take the time to explain your options without any obligations. Our installation video is an ideal way to see a standard install taking place in practice. Any questions please call or email us and we will be happy to share our knowledge.