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Luxury Water Softeners PERLA Silk Range

Luxury Water Softeners PERLA Silk Range

Designed for modern living

For you, your family and your home

The Luxury Water Softeners PERLA Silk Range has been designed to compliment today’s busy lifestyles, and to deliver copious amounts of perfect softened water efficiently, with very low levels of water and salt consumption. Certainly, Luxurious silky BWT water is great for the whole family. Tough on scale and scum, kitchen and bathroom cleaning times are reduced, leaving more free time for you and your family.

*Installation now available in selected areas by our chosen partner choose an option to continue



Chosen Softener + £360* Fixed Price Installation

(subject to free site survey*)

*Includes installation, installation kit, associated plumbing and salt starter pack. This service is only available in selected areas at this time, please continue to check availability in your area


The price shown is for a standard Installation, our free site survey will confirm whether this is possible or not within your home. Additional cost may be required if non standard installation. Click here for more details

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    … In the most convenient way

    Living with the Luxury Water Softeners PERLA Silk Range is easy. The Perla operates automatically; all you need to do is periodically top it up with salt. Fitted with a low salt reminder it will even tell you when you should check your salt levels. In addition, the BWT Best Water Home App offers you the opportunity to have your salt shipped directly to the front door.


    Silky soft Luxury water is perfect for you and your home. It caresses the skin making it feel softer, hair feels shinier too. Softened water in the washing machine, helps suds wash away more easily leaving towels and clothes feeling softer.


    Silky soft BWT Luxury water reduces limescale deposits in the domestic water system and thus provides protection for your appliances, ceramics, glassware and shiny surfaces.


    Silky soft Luxury water is kinder to the environment and your purse. Fewer limescale deposits in your appliances also means less energy is lost. Thanks to the softer water, your use of washing and cleaning agents as well as care products could be reduced by up to 50%.

  • Luxury Water Softeners for modern homes

    Designed for Modern living

    The Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk Range is smartly designed and impresses with its sleek, sophisticated style. In addition, it is efficient and effective, delivering copious amounts of Luxury water whilst minimising salt and water usage. Also, the compact housing with integrated display is completely sealed against dust to protect the advanced electronics that make the Perla Silk so easy to live with.

    Intelligent Predictive Regeneration

    Matching actual usage, lifestyle patterns and future demands allows the Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk to deliver an uninterrupted supply of softened water. Only regenerating when necessary, it optimises the use of water and salt for maximum efficiency and real life running costs, making the Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk the perfect choice to meet the demands of the modern home.

    Easy Setup

    The simple symbol-based screen allows for straightforward communication in any language. The setup will be done in a maximum of 3 steps – setting the time, water-hardness and recharge time.

    Brine Check Valve For Safety

    Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk Range includes a brine check valve, a smart way to help prevent over-filling and delivering peace of mind to you.

  • Water Softeners advanced systems from BWT

    Independently Tested And Ec Compliant

    Each individual material used in the construction of the Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk that comes into contact with water, all materials are BS6920 Certified in the UK. Each model is tested and fully compliant with the European norm 14743 for your peace of mind.

    Power options

    The Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk’s advanced electronics and control system require very little in terms of electricity and is powered as standard by a simple 12-volt plugin transformer for safety and convenience. For installations where there is no electricity or the power supply is likely to be subject to an interruption, the Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk is available with a choice of three additional cost options:

    Standard Power Options

    220/12v AC DC transformer

    8 C-CELL DOMESTIC BATTERY SUPPLY* – up to 3 months independent operation without access to mains or battery charging facility (not available for WI-FI models)

    Alternative Power Options (Available to purchase separately)

    BWT UPS (uninterruptable power supply): Protection from power cuts with built in lithium ion battery (capacity for up to 1 months softener use). Recharge loop and power bypass for use with BWT 12-volt power transformer and can be installed and recharged inline with the softener.

    BWT POWER BANK* – will provide 3-6 months of softener use (in normal operation) without the need for a mains power supply. It is rechargeable for multiple use and it is supplied with a mains power charger for recharging offline/away from the softener Battery Pack.


  • Water Softeners for Smart Homes


    So much more than an app – your personal water consultant allows you to manage your Perla Silk directly from your phone. Letting you order salt, arrange a service and even extend your warranty. Choose a smart enabled Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk fitted with Wi-Fi and you can even check its performance from your phone, tablet or laptop.

    More warranty

    Luxury Water Softeners BWT PERLA Silk Range is covered by the minimum two-year warranty that can be extended at the time of purchase through a range of BWT aftercare packages. A new service and operation concept has been implemented into the control and the BWT Best Water Home App. Easy start up can be done by anybody as long as they follow BWT´s and relevant national guidelines.

  • All the BWT Luxury Water Softeners Perla Silk Range are:

    Easy to set up and use.

    Eco–friendly – low water and salt usage for minimal running costs.

    Choose block or tablet salt.

    Advanced electronic control system – simple & flexible.

    Low voltage electrics for easier installation.

    Built and tested to BS 14743:2005 for your peace of mind.

    All materials are BS6920 Certified


    Which BWT Water Softener can use block and tablet salt?

    The following water softeners from BWT are designed to use either type of salt.

    Perla Silk Wi-Fi Luxury Water Softeners
    PS10WIFI 10 litres WIFI enabled automatic water softener plus
    PS15WIFI 15 litres WIFI enabled family sized water softener


    Choosing the right water softener for your needs will depend on a number of variables. Please use our guide below to help you start the process.

    Softeners BWT Perla Silk Range Complete Luxury Water


  • Standard Installation Checklist

    All necessary pipework including the main water supply and waste pipe must be visible and accessible.
    The model of softener chosen must be suitable for your home.
    There must be sufficient space to install your softener within 2m of your main stopcock (this is where your cold water supply enters your house).
    The stop cock must be in a working condition.
    The installation must be within 2m of a suitable outside wall through which a small over flow pipe can be installed.
    There must be easy and safe access to a mains plug socket within 2m of the proposed installation.
    Once installed you will have enough room to top up the salt


    Installation notes: All Perla Silk models are supplied with 22 mm fitting kit as standard including an uniconnect block and high flow hoses.(Overflow pipe is not included).

    Not able to tick all the boxes? Don’t worry, at BWT we understand your home is special and unique to you, but in most cases it is possible to install a water softener without any issues. Occasionally our site survey team do find that a standard Installation is not possible, in these cases they will take the time to explain your options without any obligations. Our installation video is an ideal way to see a standard install taking place in practice. Any questions please call or email us and we will be happy to share our knowledge.