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Water Softener Tablet Salt – BWT Care Cubes

Water Softener Tablet Salt – BWT Care Cubes

2 x10kg bags in Tablet salt

The BWT Care Cube Water Softener Tablet Salt 2 x10kg bags are the ideal salt for regeneration of domestic or small commercial water softener systems.

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  • Suitable Water Softener Tablet Salt for a wide range of water systems

    Unique home delivery offering featuring 2 x 10 kg bags of high quality BWT water softener tablet salt for use in BWT and other leading makes of water softener. Dispatched direct to your home or place of work at no extra charge. The Shipping packaging can be easily opened to facilitate handling and storage

  • BWT Care Cube Salt 2x10Kg

    Free shipping

    99.9% Purity

    Suitable for a wide range of water softeners 

    Dissolves completely to form a good quality brine

    No waste any broken tablets can be added safely to the salt cabinet  

    Shipping packaging easily opened to facilitate storage and handling 

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Despite these challenging times we are pleased to say that BWT are here to help you whatever your water needs. Many of our teams continue to work remotely from home in line with the latest recommendations from the NHS. If you need to get in touch, please give us a call on: 01494838100 or alternatively, send a message to: [email protected]