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Keep your hands clean with Corades hand gel

The new Corades Hand gel meet the most rigorous standards for cleanliness while also catering to the cosmetic needs of the skin. This results in the ideal mix of reliable protection and a fragrance that lingers. On average, healthcare providers clean their hands less than half of the time they should. Hand hygiene is considered one of the most important ways to reduce the rate of infectious agents. But we are not always able to clean our hands with warm water and soap, so what can we do? BWT Corades is here to help!


Before and after every touch, use an alcohol-based wash or gel. The safety of others and your own well-being is of the utmost importance! Take action and often wash your hands. Hands should be washed with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand massage. Simply washing your hands takes 15 seconds. Hand sanitizers are the current must-have product that everyone should have with them at all times! The explanation for this is simple: Three basic actions are recommended by infection specialists in order to protect oneself to the fullest extent possible:

  • Use good hand hygiene and wash hands thoroughly with soap
  • Sneeze and cough into the crook of your arm, not your hand
  • Keep a distance of 1 to 2 meters from coughing, sneezing people

The first hand-hygiene disinfectant that cares for your hands!

A perfect addition to disinfect your home or office, or on the go! It’s a reliable service and hand disinfection for whenever you need it. Hand hygiene gel Corades not only assures complete disinfection, but also cares, smells pleasant, and mainly gets rid of viruses and germs. Corades hand hygiene gel, the caring sanitizer has all the things a person would want:

  • high-hygiene disinfecting gel with antibacterial properties.
  • promotes silky-smooth complexion as well as appearing well groomed.
  • a sea breeze-like freshness infuses the long-lasting fragrance.
  • convenient for both the house and the go.

The Corades Hand Gel miniadvantages of BWT Corades hand gel

Effective protection and easy application – Without water and soap, the cosmetic hygiene hand gel disinfects within 30 seconds! Rub a pea-sized amount into your hands and let the product absorb for the best results. The best thing about BWT Corades is that the gel is 99.99% effective and declares war on bacteria and viruses. making sure your hands are clean.

Refreshing and long-lasting scent – The smell of the hospital and chemical/alcohol is a thing of the past. The disinfectant ensures a pleasant smell from the very first application.

Hands as soft as velvet with panthenol and vitamin B3 –The hygiene gel, which contains both medically and cosmetically active components, aims to enhance the ability to retain moisture as well as support the elasticity of the skin

How do disinfectants work? Hand hygiene has a denaturing action, which means that it modifies the protein-containing structures of the bacteria, which ultimately results in the destruction of the germs. The lipid membranes, or more colloquially, the envelope of the virus, may be damaged by some substances as well. Disinfecting something, as opposed to sterilizing it, is more effective because of the chemical qualities that it has.

How do I get the most protection from hand gels?

When people consume food, participate in sports, work in the garden, go camping or fishing, or any of a number of other activities that take place in communal settings, their hands may get exceedingly oily or dirty. Hand sanitizers may not be as effective when used on hands that are very oily or excessively dirty. In these kinds of situations, it is strongly advised that you wash your hands with some kind of soap and water. Hand sanitizers that include alcohol may quickly reduce the number of bacteria that are present on a person’s hands in some settings; nevertheless, hand sanitizers may not eradicate all types of germs that may be on a person’s hands.

This is a very straightforward prosses: wash your hands often with sufficient soap for twenty to thirty seconds. After drying your hands, apply our disinfection gel; you only need a small amount of it to effectively clean and sanitize your hands. Wait an additional thirty seconds before touching anything else, since this will maximize your level of safety.

hygiene hand gels should include the following:

  • Reduce the number of germs quickly and comprehensively.
  • Achieve a sufficient penetration depth.
  • Ensure compatibility with skin, mucous membranes and open wounds.
  • Be durable and at the same time biodegradable.

How do I properly disinfect my hands?

Whether going to the toilet, before preparing food, blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing: a high level of hygiene is always required. It is also advisable to wash your hands after using public transport, going to the supermarket or having contact with other people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests using a streamlined method, which is the basis for the steps involved in using hand sanitizer. It has been shown that giving individuals with process was developed for rubbing in hand sanitizer is not necessary to achieve the same level of disinfection efficacy as instructing them to cover all surfaces of both hands with hand sanitizer.

How long do you have to wash your hands and rub them with the hygiene gel to effectively remove bacteria and viruses?

WHO recommends washing your hands regularly for about the time it would take to sing “Happy Birthday” twice to prevent infection. Say 20 to 30 seconds. Use plenty of soap and scrub both palms, palms and fingernails. After drying – with a paper towel – the Corades hand hygiene gel should be used. Three milliliters of the gel are enough to disinfect your hands sufficiently. The plus of the hand hygiene product Corades: your hands remain soft and smell pleasant. Due to the cosmetic ingredients and the pleasant smell, the gel does not stress the skin. On the contrary – the disinfectant cares and protects at the same time!


Bwt Corades handgel product image

BWT Corades: The first cosmetic hand hygiene gel

The perfect combination of effective protection and a long-lasting fragrance: the new Corades products combine the highest standards of hygiene with cosmetic skin care. A highly effective, reliable hand sanitizer! The hand disinfectant gel fights against bacteria and viruses – including corona and influenza viruses. The gel has a light, non-sticky texture and is easy to apply



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