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Why Filtered Water is better for you?

Water is life and the most essential resource for our survival. However, water quality varies from place to place, and people do not always get the desired quality for their lifestyle. The water in the UK is of high quality. It is governed by strict regulations to deliver people with safe drinking water. But the taste can be different from one place to another across the UK. This is because the water when travelling through the pipes or domestic water system, can pick up unwanted elements like heavy metals, bacteria, or chemicals used to treat water. These elements tend to affect the taste and quality of tap water we consume at home.

Therefore, a lot of people prefer to drink bottled water to find a water that satisfies their taste buds and their mineral preferences. However, they do not always realise the impact of buying and using single-use plastic bottles, resulting in tonnes of plastic waste and CO2 emissions that can harm the environment. According to a survey conducted in London, the average adult buys more than 3 plastic bottles every week, resulting in 175 bottles per person per year. Every year around 7.7 billion plastic bottles are purchased in the UK, resulting in a significant contribution to the huge amounts of single-use plastic waste.

Filtering your tap water is an excellent alternative to water from single-use plastic bottles – it can be just as delicious, vital, local, and environmentally friendly. It is a perfect way to create your own Bottle Free Zone at home that not only suits your lifestyle but is also good for the planet.

Benefits of Filtered Water

1. Fresh water with improved taste

Water filters help in improving the taste and quality of the tap water, providing you with crisp, clean water for the perfect drinking experience. There are a wide range of water filtration systems available. Each offers different benefits based on their design, and the technology used to filter undesirable elements from the water. Simple kits are ideal for improving the taste and odour, by removing chemicals like chlorine from the water, while some are designed to extract heavy metals and protect your appliance from limescale  The most advanced will also remineralise your water with desirable minerals like magnesium.

BWT under sink water filters are the perfect example with models to suit all tastes and budgets, all designed to deliver a drinking water solution that is right for you and your family. These compact water filter kits are usually installed under your sink in the cupboard. Most models can be fitted in less than a couple of hours and feature filters that are easily replaceable and cost effective.

2. Improves the taste of your beverages and meals


Tap water containing taste impairing elements can affect the taste of your food and drinks. But with BWT’s more advanced drinking water systems use unique technology, you can get rid of those unwanted items from your tap water plus mineralises your filtered water with minerals like Magnesium. Magnesium for example is a very good flavour carrier that enhances the flavour and aroma of your tea and coffee providing you with a quintessential experience. When you use BWT filtered water in your kitchen, your water tastes better and your meals and beverages are more flavourful. It is a perfect addition to your home that will provide additional benefits to you and your family.

3. Supports well-being

bwt magnesium mineralized water

The filtered water also helps in supporting your well-being by ensuring the water is free from as many undesirable elements as possible. This could include chemicals such as chlorine that is used to ensure the water delivered to your home is safe to drink. Even the slightest hint of this hard working chemical that is left over can spoil the taste of even the simplest or the most sophisticated of drinks!

With the right water filtration system, you can ensure all the undesirable elements are removed from the water before drinking, therefore supporting your overall well-being. Moreover, BWT magnesium-enriched water is refreshing and compliments an active lifestyle.

4. A sustainable water solution 

say no to single use plastic bottles

Every year, almost 275 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated globally. A large part of this waste ends up in our oceans, polluting the environment. Buying single-use plastic bottled water for your home can contribute significantly to this waste. Avoiding single-use plastic bottles in everyday life is environmentally friendly and can help improve everyone’s quality of life.

With a BWT filtered water system, you can now get the best tasting water straight from your own kitchen. It is a sustainable solution that helps you enjoy the taste of your water, save time, money, CO2 emissions and reduce single-use plastic consumption therefore reducing the overall amount of plastic waste. With every BWT drinking water solution, you have the ability to create your own bottle free zone, helping to protect the planet, and making it greener.

5. Saves Time and Money 

Water filters are convenient and hassle-free for you in many ways. It saves a lot of your time that goes into lugging water crates and driving to and from the supermarket. Also, it helps you save money because the average cost of tap water in the UK is about 0.1 pence per litre, whereas bottled water costs around 65 pence. Adding a filter system need not be expensive and the cost can be recouped in a relatively short time not only in the savings you make on the cost of the water, but money spent fetching it from your local vendor

How do you turn Tap water into Filtered water?

There are various water filtration systems that you can choose for your home depending on your requirement. However, with BWT under sink water filter systems such as AQA drink Pure Loft and AQA drink Pure Urban, you can yield greater benefits and enjoy on-demand fresh, Magnesium Mineralized Water directly from your kitchen tap.


These water filter kits are equipped with BWT innovative filtration technology and bundled with a GROHE 3 in 1 stylish kitchen tap, one with pull out spout. The stylish 3-in-1 kitchen tap with pull out spout supplied with the Loft, compliments your kitchen and gives you 3 choices of water from one tap– filtered Magnesium Mineralized drinking water, hot/ cold unfiltered water. While the monitor system keeps you updated about the filter capacity so that you only replace it when needed.

The water filter cartridges supplied with the Loft and Urban use advanced technology offering varying levels of filtration within one cartridge, from the simple removal of the substances that can cause bad taste and odours to the removal of bacteria and microplastics, where they exist.

Installing a water filter system at home is far more efficient than using single use plastic bottled water. It can compliment your everyday lifestyle, and also help to protect the environment and the planet. You can now install BWT drinking water kits with special offers, for more details please visit BWT Installation offers.

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