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    Drinking Water & Softener Installation Service Available*

    *Selected areas only

  • Luxury water for your home

    Why Choose The BWT Luxury Water Softener?

    You will love

    • The copious amounts of softened water
    • Its compact size
    • Choice of sizes for your water needs
    • Economical operation (low salt/water usage)
    • The choice to use block or tablet salt
    • How it adapts to your lifestyle
    • Market leading warranty
    • FREE commissioning
    • A brand you can trust


  • drinking water for a healthy lifestyle

    Perfect Filtered Drinking Water with BWT Loft & Urban Kits

    • On-demand fresh, filtered water at your home
    • Mineralized with Magnesium, a vital mineral for your body
    • A perfect addition to your modern, busy lifestyle
    • Eco-friendly water solutions, avoids the use of single-use plastic bottle
    • Choose your under sink drinking water filter system: BWT Urban & BWT Loft
    • A brand you can trust
    • Compact size systems
  • bwt ws455 exclusive offer installation partners

    Six Reasons to Choose The BWT PS10UK

    1. Our price £949 includes the PS10UK, fitting kit, a standard installation* and introductory salt pack.
    2. Installation is provided by one of our local partners who know the local water conditions in your area
    3. Discover more about Luxury water and the PS10UK from your own home on line at
    4. No salesman will call, when you are ready simply click a button and leave the rest to us.
    5. Simply state your postcode when you speak to us to enjoy this exclusive price
    6. Other models available at equally fantastic prices Click for details about BWT Water Softeners

    BWT Urban & BWT Loft Drinking Water Kit Installation Half Price when bought at the same time as a BWT water softener with installation.

Crisp Clean Water

Sparkling Kitchens & Bathrooms

Bottle Free Zone

Softer Skin, Shinier Hair