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Take Control of the Water You Drink

This Month’s Star Offer

Why settle for ordinary tap water, When you can enjoy beautifully optimised water straight from the tap. Check out this months top offer below. 

The AQA Pure 2.0 Drinking Water System

The under sink drinking water system that allows you to Choose the Filter Cartridge that’s right for you 

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BWT AQA 1155
Filter Jug 2,6l BWT Vida in pink with Magnesium Mineralized Water Cartridge.

Kick the habit of ordinary water and switch today

To the Vida range of magnesium mineralised water filter jugs. A no nonsense water filter jug available in three sassy colours to brightens your life. A great entry point to the…

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Looking for the convenience of great tasting water on tap without the plumbing 

Check out our BWT 360 Water At Home offer. 

The perfect way to enjoy Magnesium Mineralized Water at home sustainably. A slim-line floor standing water dispenser and three bottles of water are all included in the BWT 360 starter pack.

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BWT drinking water 360 bottle dispenser
woman drinking glass of water
Drinking water lady

Six Reasons to Choose BWT Drinking water solution 

  • Choose the system that’s right for you on-line
  • Great tasting water doesn’t have to come in single use plastic bottles
  • It is all too easy to accept ordinary tap water as the only alternative
  • Multiple entry points to BWT technology from a simple filter jug to the latest water dispensers
  • Choose filter that’s right for you and your lifestyle – Prices stray from less than £20

BWT Water Filtration Systems For Your Home

  • water system AQA Drink Pure Slim Range

    AQA drink Pure Slim Range

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  • Magnesium Mineralizer Inline Water Filter Kit

    £20.49£48.18 or subscribe and save 10%
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