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Black Friday – For home appliance shoppers

Have you ever seen limescale at the bottom of your kettle? Does your washing machine not fill properly? Are your heating bills going up because of the poor performance of your boiler? These are just some of the reasons why people buy new appliances, and with Black Friday coming up, many more people will be considering changing their aging or poorly performing boilers and appliances. In this blog, we’ll tell you how you can save money by buying a water softener to stop limescale and scum from building up in and on your appliances and eventually reducing their performance.

Some customers take a lot of pleasure in purchasing the latest devices, but when it comes to larger household appliances (such as washing machines, dishwashers, and heating systems), this process can be quite stressful and costly. Therefore it is not uncommon for people to make the most of favourable Black Friday deals.

This is especially the case for people who live in locations with higher levels of hard water. The majority of individuals admit that having to replace and service appliances because of hard water is the most frustrating part. This is due to the accumulation of scale and scum within your appliances, and it is more likely that you will need to replace or repair these appliances more frequently because of it. Unfortunately, it can be just as expensive to repair the item as it is to replace it. With the help of Luxury Water and the BWT Water Softeners such as the Perla Silk and the WS Range you can often keep your appliances looking like new for longer – this can help reduce the stress and irritation of replacing items earlier than necessary.

What are the most searched water appliances on Black Friday?

  • Kettles
  • Coffee machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Fridge-freezers
  • Water heaters
  • Washing machines
  • Steam Irons

What is hard water?

In comparison to soft water, hard water contains more minerals like magnesium, and calcium. Water is naturally soft when it rains but it becomes harder when it percolates through the ground. This is due to the type of rocks in many parts of the UK, which are rich in the very minerals that make water hard. These minerals within the rocks are slowly dissolved as the water moves through them making the water great to drink but not ideal for those all important appliances. Due to the spread of UK households the majority of people in the UK reside in areas with hard water, which can be a blessing and an inconvenience.

Top 20 hard water areas in the UK

The majority of the water in London and the South East of England is extremely hard. The majority of the water in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales is soft.

People that live in hard water areas are more likely to frequently search for water appliances. When we examine where in England people looked for water using appliances during the Black Friday sales period, we discover that all ten of the top counties are in the south and east, which are regions with higher mineral concentrations in their water. In those top ten counties, Suffolk and Norfolk have the nation’s hardest water.

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On average – Brits waste £4M per month on appliances.

Households with hard water in the UK may be spending an average of £3.8 million a month on unnecessary appliances. This is money that could have been saved if the appliances had been used with softer water for a longer period.

Less than half of people in the UK live in places with soft water. If the water had been treated, majority of appliances could have been saved. This is assuming that purchases from the remaining homeowners who lived where the water is hard.

What is a water softener?

A water softener connects directly to the main water supply where it enters your home and in turn removes those minerals that cause the water to be hard, it flows through the ion exchange resin bed. The softened water then continues its journey around your home. For home use, water softeners come in a variety of different sizes, many can fit under a kitchen sink or in a kitchen base cabinets. Larger water softeners are available for larger homes and businesses.BWT water softeners for your home

The good news is that when you choose a BWT water softener not only do you benefit from softened water but you can also save money when compared to other well known systems. Plus peace of mind is guaranteed thanks to the 5 year parts and 2 years labour warranty on all their Luxury Water softeners. BWT’s free at home commissioning, ensures you get the very best from your BWT Luxury Water Softener. They are easy to install and specifically designed for UK homes and plumbing systems. Luxury Water is an ideal choice for protecting our kitchens and bathrooms and can be fitted with a minimum of fuss, often in less than half a day.

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If you are suffering from the effects of hard water or you want to improve the quality of your water, investing in BWT Water Treatment Solutions can make a real difference to your home, lifestyle, and the environment. BWT Products are small investments that can help you save time, effort, and money in probably more ways than you can imagine, whilst helping you to protect our Planet Blue. Discover the products that could be right for you here!





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