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BWT Water Softener Salt – For Softened Water

Water Softeners are a type of water treatment system that are designed to remove the minerals that make the water hard resulting in soft, smooth softened water suitable for various domestic applications. The high proportion of minerals, particularly magnesium and calcium, in the water determines the water hardness. This can result in problems around your home caused by limescale deposits in your pipes or household appliances. Which is why water softeners are the ideal solution for you as it helps you to reduce the hardness of the water and gives you a soft and Luxury Water experience. Water softeners are based on the ion exchange principle and contain an  ion exchange resin to facilitate the removal of the unwanted substances. And for this to happen, they require water softener salt to recharge the resin that removes the calcium and magnesium from the water and to provide you with Luxury Water for your everyday use.

To enjoy the uninterrupted supply of softened water, it is important that you are regularly top up the  regeneration salt in your water softener. Without salt to create the brine required to regenerate the resin , your water softener will not work. BWT has designed a subscription service which allows us to deliver high quality and high purity regeneration salt regularly straight to your doorstep so that you always have the right salt to hand.

Why do water Softeners need salt?

Water softeners, such as the BWT Perla Silk , removes hardness-forming minerals from the water. For example, calcium ions, which can lead to the formation of limescale deposits in pipes and household appliances, the so-called “scale” we often see in our kettle or coffee machines . The ion exchange process see’s these hardness minerals attracted to the resin inside your water softener and held there until the resin is regenerated by the brine solution and they are washed down the drain. This process  converts hard water into softened water, which is ideal for your household appliances and your skin, providing a soft and luxurious experience.

The BWT Perla silk range is available in four sizes adaptable to suit most homes from those with a single bedroom to those with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. At the heart of the Perla silk range is its ability to adapt to your lifestyle ensuring it only regenerates when you need it to based on your pattern of water usage.

At this stage of the water softeners operation the special ion exchange resin that removes the hardness minerals from the water is nearing it’s capacity and needs to be regenerated. In simple terms this means that the hardness minerals bound to the resin need to be removed. This done by exchanging them for sodium ions using a carefully measured brine solution prepared automatically using the regeneration salt you have placed in the front of your softener.

Water Softener Salt- Never forget to refill again!

Refill your water softener with salt
Our Perla Water Softener System


Many models of water softener like the Perla silk range feature a simple salt reminder and wi-fi models can even send this reminder to your mobile phone or tablet. Without regular refilling with salt, the ion exchange no longer work, and the water softener will stop working. This will be noticeable by a change in the feel of the water and over time small limescale deposit starting to appear. This limescale can attack the water-bearing household appliances and impact their performance and efficiency. The water softener will resumes its normal operation  when the softener is supplied with salt again.

Always remember, you can’t replace the regeneration salt with the conventional table salt. Because it has a different grain size and additives that can impair the performance of the water softener.

How often do I need to add salt to my water softener?

The frequency at which you will need to refill or top up your softener with salt will depend on the following:

  • The salt capacity of your water softener
  • Your water consumption
  • The salt consumption of your water softener
  • Your incoming water hardness
  • The desired degree of hardness of your softened water

BWT Water Softener Salt

BWT Salt Subscription Service


BWT Water softeners only require periodically topping up of salt, water for the regeneration process and a minimal amount of electricity. The exact amount will vary depending on the size of the household and the local water hardness. Around 75 Lts of water and 1.2 Kgs salt typically produces 1600 Lts of softened water at 300 ppm hardness.

Each BWT water softener is controlled by a microprocessor which constantly monitors water usage. The system will build up a history of your water requirements and calculate the most economical regeneration pattern. This will ensure a constant supply of softened water whilst maintaining high levels of water and salt efficiency.

As these water softeners use a proportional brining system, more frequent regenerations do not necessarily mean higher water / salt usage. The saving on toiletries, household cleaning and laundry products can also offset any running costs reducing the impact on the family budget to a minimum. BWT’s water softener systems issue a message when the supply in the salt tank is running low.

Why BWT Water Softener Salt? 

  • Free shipping
  • High Purity
  • Our online boxes are compact and easy to store
  • Suitable for a wide range of tablet and block salt water softeners
  • Dissolves completely to form a good quality brine
  • No waste, any broken pieces can be added safely to the salt cabinet
  • Shipping packaging is easily opened to facilitate storage and handling

Where to buy BWT Water Softener Salt?

BWT salt is widely available from our good plumbing merchants and DIY stores and in convenient double packs delivered directly to your door from our online shop at BWTSHOP.CO.UK. Buying  from us you can also enjoy our special offer “subscribe and save 10%” on our water softener salt subscription and enjoy a continuous supply of salt to your home.

Which Water Softener Salt to use?

A) Tablet Salt

BWT Care Cubes

BWT Tablet Salt or” Care Cubes” are tablet shaped buttons of salt available in large 25 and 10 kgs bags, as well as our convenient 20kg double pack is available online at bwtshop.co.uk. They are ideal for regeneration of domestic or small commercial water softener systems, dissolving completely to form a good quality brine with  no waste.

Save 10% when you subscribe to our 2/3/4/5/6 month salt subscription; for more information, please visit BWT Tablet Salt.

B) Block Salt

BWT Water Softener Block SaltBWT block salts are large rectangular shaped blocks of salt that are available as 2x 4kgs in a 8kgs bag  or from our online shop  as 4 x 4kg blocks multi-pack from bwtshop.co.uk. The blocks are easy to handle than tablet salt and easier in most cases to store . Each block is placed whole in to the block carrier inside your water softener. Most Water softeners designed to accept block salt will have a tall lid to allow for additional blocks to be added as the prior block dissolves.

Save 10% when you subscribe to our 2/3/4/5/6 months salt subscription, for more details please visit BWT Block Salt.


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