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Easter at Home with BWT

Enjoy the Easter at Home this weekend, with your loved ones from the safety of your own home. Here are our 5 top tips on things to do this Easter while staying safe and hydrated at home,

5 Top Tips to help you enjoy Easter at home

Create an Easter playlist 

Create an Easter Playlist to enjoy this Easter at home


Kick-start the day with the right note. Choose your favourite pastime songs; they can be energetic, relaxing or classical tunes, the choice is endless! Get the whole family involved, create a playlist and enjoy. BWT Tip: to get the kids involved why not play a game of musical statues? Alternatively, perhaps a sing-a-long competition? Make sure those vocal cords stay hydrated with a deliciously refreshing glass of Magnesium Mineralized Water


Baking an Easter Treat

Baking this Easter at home


One of the best ways to spend time with family during Easter is to get everyone involved in some baking. Whether you enjoy baking cookies or cakes, this is the perfect idea for those that love to show off their skills in the kitchen. BWT Tip: decorating chocolate can be messy, especially with the little ones around – remember to wash those messy stains with BWT Luxury Water. Your delicate clothes will come out feeling a lot softer!


Easter Arts and Crafts  

Arts and crafts to enjoy Easter at home

With the kids around longer than usual, there’s never been a better time to get those creative juices flowing. Whether you enjoy making things from scratch or prefer using templates to help you make Easter egg decorations, taking time out for arts and crafts is the perfect way to get the whole family involved this Easter. BWT Tip: if you’re looking for some inspiration, why not decorate these BWT Easter drawings:


Drawing 1 #EasterColourRevolution from #bwtshop  – Encourage your children to use as many colours as they want to!

Drawing 2 #SoftandSilkyEaster from #LuxuryWater –  Fill the Rabbit with cotton wool


Show us the result in the BWT social media channels!


Garden Games

Garden games to enjoy Easter at home


If you’re like us and love to stay active, one of the best ways to celebrate Easter with your family is to hold mini Easter game competitions in the safety of your own garden. Here are some of our favourite games to get you going: An Easter egg treasure hunt is always a winner with children of any age, leapfrog is a great way to burn off that extra energy, and a decorated egg and spoon race is sure to make you smile. Are your fiercely competitive? Include a prize (chocolate anyone?) for the winners and let the games begin! BWT Tip: running around during the day can become tiring. Remember to stay hydrated with Magnesium Mineralized Water. Prefer something different? Have a look at our delicious infused drink recipes here.


Easter Stories 

Story telling to enjoy Easter at home


The best thing about being stuck at home? Getting to spend time with family. Take a break from all the hustle and bustle, sit down with some blankets, snacks and share your favourite Easter stories and memories from years gone by. Conversations are important, now more than ever, short or long, storytelling is as old as the hills and a great way to spend time together. . BWT Tip: Encourage children to share their own stories or to read from their favourite book. Add a chocolate egg for the perfect way to spend a few hours this Easter holiday. Go on, I think we all deserve a little treat 🙂



Enjoy the Easter break by staying safe at home and getting the whole family involved. And with all that running about and chocolate make sure you stay hydrated with a glass of BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water.


BWT UK would like to wish you all good health this Easter.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.



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