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Your laundry will be cuddly and soft with BWT

Do you want your clothes to stay soft over time, even if you don’t use a dryer or fabric softener? Then your water could hold the solution.

Most household tend to wash their popular clothes several times a week, on average between once and twice a week. Washing clothes in hard water can be damaging to the structure of the material, the vibrance of the colours and that all important cuddly softness . Here’s how BWT can help your clothes last longer and the fabrics you love stay soft.

Isn’t it annoying when your favourite jumper and towels that used to be soft and cuddly get rough and scratchy from being washed too often? Drying in warm air can help but not everyone has a dryer or wants to use one because they worry about the heat damaging their delicate clothes. Fabric softeners can also out of the question for many families with young children with asthma or sensitive skin as well as individuals who care about the environment

BWT water hardness tesktkit

You don’t have to live without cuddly and soft laundry. Determine your water hardness with the BWT Luxury Water hardness test kit that provides a simple and convenient method to measure your water hardness at home

Hard Water Test

Hard water can make laundry feel rough and look washed out 

Why is that, though? Water becomes harder  the more hardness minerals that are dissolved within it. Where the water falls and the route it follows on the way to our homes determines just how hard that water will be. Hard, calcareous water makes what is called “lime soap” when it is used to wash clothes. It sticks to the clothes and gets caught in the weave of the fabric. This makes the clothes feel rougher and fragile to the touch. Fabrics washed it hard water also lose the depth of any bright colours and can look greyer as they age.

Soft water protects laundry and softens fabrics.

You may have bought a decent washing machine or spent a lot of money on detergents and fabric softeners. But if your water is hard, all of these things will have to work harder to keep your clothes soft, fluffy, and colourful.

The minerals in hard water are known to make it harder for soaps and detergents to lather and in turn make scum that is hard to get rid of. In your washing machine, things don’t get better as these same minerals mix with the detergent and make it less effective. This lets the resulting scum and limescale stick to the fibres of your clothes making it harder to rinse them out. This can make your clothes and towels feel not as soft as you’d like. You might get better results if you use more detergent and conditioner or if you raise the temperature of your wash. But colours and fabrics that are easy to damage don’t do well with hotter water and too many chemicals. The result? Colours can lose their brightness, and clothes can start to feel rough and old before their time.

Your laundry feels cuddly soft and colorful

Softened water helps you protect the fabric of your clothes during every wash. It doesn’t matter whether it’s T-shirts, baby clothes, towels, or bed linen, softened water helps make fabrics feel softer and fluffier for longer.

Since softened water has no or very little calcium or magnesium, there are no minerals to cause any limescale formation. It is perfect for your washing machine maintaining its efficiency and performance. It also prevents your clothes from losing their softness and colour. This means your coloured clothes continue to look vibrant while white clothes look fresh  and bright for longer, plus the fabric stays in good condition.

Softened water also eliminates the need for using fabric softener or expensive detergents that you might previously have considered to maintain the quality of your favourite clothes. With the right detergent dose, correct drying method, and soft water you can easily maintain and protect your laundry from unnecessary damage. You can even feel the difference every time you wrap yourself in your fluffier towels or comfy bathrobe.

In a simple test  two sets of washcloths were washed 50 times, one set in hard water and the other in softened water. The results were immediately visible. The cloths washed in softened water showed little sign of wear or fading whereas those washed in hard water appeared faded and rough to to the touch. Even under the microscope, they those washed in softened water showed little or no sign of deterioration:

Blue wash cloths
Hard water can harm the way your clothes look and feel after just a few washes


In addition, the testers recognized washing residues in the fabric, which accumulated with each further wash.


Less use of detergent – To protect the environment & Save Money

With softened water you can typically use up to 50% less detergent, washing powder, and conditioner helping our blue planet and your pocket.

Excessive use of detergents means more chemicals being released into the water, which eventually find their way into our rivers and oceans thus polluting the planet. While more detergent consumption means more expense.

Those who wash their laundry with softened water need as little as half the detergent as those people using hard water and can in some cases can skip using fabric softener altogether. This is not only good for the environment, but your pocket as well as it helps you save real money. Softened water is also good, for your washing machine less limescale deposits on the heating element and no scum around the drum can actively extend the lifespan of your appliances.

In other words, you don’t need to buy expensive descaling chemicals or spend money on expensive repairs. Softened water is ideal for you, your home, and the environment!

Benefits of softened water for you and your home

  • keeps your home appliances safe – Limescale can hurt your home appliances and heating system, but a water softener can help protect them. Limescale buildup can make your appliances less efficient and cause them to break down before they should. Because of this, more money has to be spent to fix these systems. Limescale deposits can also make your heating system less efficient. This means that your energy bills will go up as time goes on. On the other hand, luxury softened water keeps limescale from building up in these systems, which helps keep them running well and efficiently.
  • Good for the environment – Compared to hard water, softened water means you can use up to 50 percent less of your cleaning products and shampoos. When chemicals are used too much, they end up in the water system and can hurt the environment. When you soften water, you can help the environment by using fewer chemicals. Also, softened water is gentle and soft, just like soft water in nature, so you probably won’t need any extra conditioners for your laundry.


Water softening leads to a better washing result in the long term, since the encrustation of the fibres is this minimized”


Luxury water softeners from bwtBWT products that can help

If you are suffering from hard water, investing in Luxury Water can make a real difference to your home and lifestyle. A BWT Water Softener is the small investment that make your washing machine last longer and protect your clothes.

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