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A New Year, New You with BWT Resolutions

BWT’s top 4 New Year resolutions for you!

2022 has been a year of uncertainty, resilience and more than ever we have all found a way to come together. 2023 promises to be a new start for all of us. So, what resolutions do you have in mind for the New Year?

BWT have a few suggestions that could help you reach your 2023 goals. Read on to find out more!

Resolution 1: Live more sustainably

new year resolutions BWT Live more sustainablyThe current discussions on the subject of climate change have led us to this question: how can we contribute towards a greener future?

Many of us want to do our bit and help towards protecting the planet. So, in 2023 why not pledge to make small choice that will have a positive and lasting impact on the environment. BWT are proud to be part of the Bottle Free Zone movement where our mission “Change the World, Sip by Sip” is to stop the consumption of single-use plastic by using greener alternatives.

With just one BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water refillable filter cartridge, you can replace the contents of 120 conventional 1 litre plastic bottles. 120 bottles that do not have to be produced transported and recycled. This is how big of an impact smart and responsible drinking can have and it’s something that we can all do as part of our new year’s resolutions.

Other great options are BWT under the sink water systems and BWT water dispensers where your local tap water – is filtered, treated, and enriched with valuable minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, zinc, or silicate. Because BWT has made it its mission to make local water better. You can enjoy fresh, great-tasting water straight from the tap or at the touch of a button.

Your decision to choose a BWT solution can have a positive effect on our environment because there is no need to buy disposable single-use plastic bottles and dispose of them later. There is also no need to carry or store water bottles. In addition, we are doing something against the unnecessary transport of water bottles around the globe and the associated CO2 emissions.

Resolution 2: Eat healthier

new year resolutions BWT Eat healthierProtecting the planet is important but protecting our own health is just as vital. One way to do this is by ensuring we eat healthier. Smaller portions of healthy foods are a good way of ensuring we stay healthy. Making sure we drink plenty of water and including it within our diets is just as important because drinking water during or after a meal helps how your body breaks down and processes food, improving the digestion. BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water provides a realistic alternative to water bought in single use bottles. Created at home and easily carried around in a sports bottle or a BWT ‘Sports’ inspired Vacuum Flask means you can take great tasting water with wherever you go!

To find out more about the health benefits of drinking Magnesium Mineralized Water, read our blog How beneficial is Magnesium for your Mind and Body?

Resolution No. 3: Start a new physical activity i.e., sports or yoga

new year resolutions BWT Start a new physical activityRegular physical exercise plays an essential role in maintaining good health. Whether you decide to join a gym, go swimming or start practicing yoga. Learning a new physical activity is one resolution we can all get behind. The benefits of being physically active are many and will give you the energy boost you need going into the New Year.

Remember, whatever physical activity you choose, it’s important to always stay hydrated. There’s no better way to stay hydrated than with BWT’s Magnesium Mineralized Water which has the added benefit of Magnesium. A mineral that can help to reduce muscle cramps, strengthen your bones and have a positive effect on the mind.

Do find out more about the positive benefits of Magnesium for sport, read our blog How to Stay Hydrated While Exercising.

Resolution No. 4: Live more economically

new year resolutions BWT Live more economicallyThere are countless ways to live more economically to save money for dreams and goals for example, buy your new winter coat in a charity shop instead of choosing new. Shop wisely and look for end of bin bargains and online sales to get the best deal. whether purchasing for work or home, always consider whether you actually need the objects before you part with your money.

Another way to save money is to use your local water for your kitchen instead of expensive bottled water. With the right water filter technology, you reduce the substances that impair taste, such as chlorine and instead enrich the water with valuable minerals like magnesium in ion form for fresh, great tasting water. A BWT under the sink water filter system or Water Filter Jug are both great ways to try and save money on the water you drink without compromising on the quality.

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