Perla Silk Wifi Range

The BWT PERLA Silk Wi-Fi has been designed to perfectly dovetail with today’s variable lifestyles, to ensure you can enjoy Luxury softened water whenever you need it. Incredibly efficient, they are also frugal with industry leading low levels of salt and water consumption. The result, luxuriously silky soft Luxury Water – perfect for you, your family and home.

The BWT Perla Silk is easy to live with. Fully automatic, all you need to do is periodically top it up with salt. A low salt reminder will even tell you when to check your salt levels. Whilst the on-board Wi-Fi conductivity is perfect for connecting your new softener to your existing network of IoT (Internet of things).

The BWT Perla Silk delivers more than you might imagine wherever you look – whether at the design, technology, safety, setup, or operation. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much value it delivers for the price. Well-designed, it is hard not to be impressed with its sleek and appliance-like design. The compact cabinet is robust and both smaller sizes can easily fit into a standard kitchen cupboard. The easy to read and use control panel is completely sealed against dust to protect the electronic wizardry that lies behind the unit’s ability to deliver Luxury Water whenever you need it.

The BWT Perla Silk easily adapts to meet the demands of UK homes. Intelligent predictive regeneration works to match your actual water usage, lifestyle patterns and predicted demand as the week passes. This allows your new BWT Perla Silk water softener to deliver a practically uninterrupted supply of softened water. Usually regenerating at 2 in the morning, when for most household’s demand is at its lowest, it seamlessly only recharges the specific part of the resin bed that is exhausted. By doing this, it optimises the use of water and salt for lower real life running costs.

Installing the Perla Silk Wi-Fi is easy to install thanks to the full 22mm fitting kit and UniConnect block supplied in the box. Whilst the simple symbol-based screen guides you through the setup process in just 3 steps – to set the time, water-hardness and recharge time. You can even use your new water softener until your free commissioning visit has been completed.

Independently tested and EC compliant each Perla Silk is WRAS (Water Regulations Approval Scheme) approved. Each individual material used in its construction that comes in contact with the water is also independently approved by WRAS here in the UK. Each model is tested and fully compliant with the European norm 14743 for your peace of mind.

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