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Switch easily from Block Salt to Tablet Salt

If you normally use block salt with your BWT water softener and you are unable to purchase any locally at anytime, do not worry. Your water softener will work perfectly with tablet salt in the short term without you needing to make any adjustments.

Which BWT Water Softener can use block and tablet salt?

The following water softeners from BWT are designed to use either type of salt.

Luxury Water softeners
WS455 10 litres Automatic water softener
WS555 14 litres family sized water softener

Perla Silk Luxury Water Softeners
PS10UK 10 litres Modern automatic water softener plus
PS15UK 15 litres Modern family sized water softener

Perla Silk Wi-Fi Luxury Water Softeners
PS10WIFI 10 litres WIFI enabled automatic water softener plus
PS15WIFI 15 litres WIFI enabled family sized water softener

Which Water Softener Should I Use? 

If you need to change from BWT Block salt for a short period of time we would always suggest BWT Care Cubes tablet salt for your BWT Water Softener. The salt is available in either 10 or 25kg bags from a wide range of stockists or in a handy 20kg twin back from the BWTSHOP. The best part of all is, that if this is just a temporary measure you don’t need to make any adjustments to your softener, just follow the simple instructions below.

How to use BWT Care Cubes in place of Block Salt

Block salt used in BWT Water Softeners

BWT WS455 shown

  • Remove the salt lid of your water softener.
  • Remove any remaining large pieces of salt inside the holder.
  • Remove the block salt holder by lifting upwards and away from the softener body. And keep in a safe place for future use.
  • Any partial salt blocks still in the softener can be left in that position.
  • Carefully add Care Cubes into the Softener until approximately three quarters full.
  • Put the salt lid back on your water softener.
  • Remember to check the salt level regularly.


This solution is intended to be a short-term measure until you are able to obtain block salt again. If the shortage in your area persists and you wish to change to tablet salt on a permanent basis, please refer to page 13 in your BWT WS water softener manual or page 9 for the Perla Silk.

The option of block or tablet salt is fantastic option allowing customers to choose between the type of salt that best for them in normal times and offers a short term solution when that choice is temporarily unavailable

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with our team during office hours.

Looking for a Water Softener Salt Discount? 

Our “Subscribe and Save” service will help ensure you always have the salt you want to hand, when you need it. With a 10% discount, you can decide the periodicity and modify it as you need in the “Your Account” area.


BWT Tablet Salt for your Water Softeners

If you are struggling to find block salts for your Water Softeners, try our tablet salt – A perfect alternative to block salts. 

BWT Care Cubes



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