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BWT Water Softener Salt

BWT Water Softener Salt – For Softened Water

| Product

Water softener salt is essential to ensure the water softener system continuously removes excess minerals from the water and provides you with softened water. The salt that is available in two forms- tablets and blocks, goes inside the system to form a brine solution that helps in recharging the resin membrane to ensure the process runs smoothly.

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the effects of hard water in your home

The Effects of Hard Water on your home

| Lifestyle

The effects of hard water can be adverse , the most common ones are the limescale formation within the kitchen appliances, pluming and heating system, water marks on cutlery and dishes and scum formation in the bathroom surfaces. There are different ways to combat hard water problems and one of the most effective ways is installing a water softener that removes all the excess minerals from the water, mainly responsible for the water hardness.

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