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Water Softener Basics – What You Need To Know

| Beauty Lifestyle Product

Water softeners are something you’ve heard of, but you might not know what they are or how they function. BWT water softener technology is based on a process that also occurs in nature. The process is referred to as “ion exchange”. In this process, calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the water and replaced…

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soft water better for your skin and hair

Soft Water Ideal For Your Skin and Hair

| Beauty Lifestyle Product

Water hardness is associated with dry, irritated skin and dull hair. Hard water contains high amounts of minerals that make your products ineffective and clogs your pores, making your skin dry and hair dull. Treating your hard water and removing the excess minerals is the most effective solution, resulting into soft, smooth luxury water. Softened water is gentle on your body, ensuring softer skin and shinier hair.

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A guide for the best skin care

| Beauty Lifestyle

The best skin care tips. For those of you living with hard water, Luxury Water from BWT offers a real difference that you can feel. Skin is left softer, smoother and feeling more replenished, whilst hair takes on a new shine.

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