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The right hair care this summer! 5 tips from BWT

As amazing as summer is, it means stress for your hair! UV rays, chlorine and salt water can give it a lot of trouble. Here are some hair care tips on how to properly take care for your hair, in summer and when on holiday. Are bad hair days becoming a standard thing in your home?

BWT Tip 1: Use the right hair care productswomen with ginger hair

Hair requires additional maintenance, especially in the heat. It is advised to use moisturising products and to pay close attention to the substances. Tip: use Aloe vera to moisturise the hair, as panthenol soothes the scalp. UV protection for hair and scalp is especially crucial since both can be dried out and damaged by the sun’s rays. This is best achieved with a spray or lotion. Also, it’s always best to wear a hat in hot weather

BWT Tip 2: Properly blow dry your hair.  

The best thing to do is give your hair a break and avoid using a hair dryer, straightening iron, and curling iron, especially on holiday. In order not to put additional strain on the hair, simply let the locks dry in the air, especially in summer. But beware: Do not go out in the direct sun with wet hair. Dyed hair will fade and dry out faster as a result.

BWT Tip 3: Protect your hair from limescale & hard water  

The healthier your hair is, the better it will withstand the stress of summer. If it is already stressed out in advance, for example by water that contains too much hard water and limescale, the sun will affect it even more.

Hard water can dry out the hair and irritate the scalp – the sun amplifies this negative effect.”

Dennis Creuzberg

To prevent this, we recommend a BWT Luxury Water system such as the BWT PERLA Silk. This transforms hard, calcareous water into silky-soft BWT Luxury Water so that the hair is optimally cared for all year round, even while washing.

BWT Tip 4: Treat your hair

In summer  and especially on holiday or on a sunny day – make sure the hair is happy. For example, how about a simple hair mask made from avocado and argon oil? It’s quick to make, gives your hair extra moisture, and gives it a great shine. The experts also recommend a professional keratin treatment, which pampers the hair and can help with brittle ends and split ends.

BWT Tip 5: Make an appointment with a professional

Especially for dyed hair, the summer means additional stress because the UV rays bleach the hair and chlorine, and saltwater can attack the cuticle layer. As a result, the hair loses its colour pigments and fades faster. It is, therefore, best to have your hair treated by a professional before you go on vacation and ensure a shiny colour and well-groomed ends

How often should you wash your hair?

Most of us have fallen into a routine and struggle to get out of it. It is true, that some hair types require more frequent washing but be careful, you do not want to strip the natural oils from your hair this will cause a dry and irritated scalp. Most experts recommend that you wash your hair every 2 to 3 days.

Here are three factors that can increase the need to wash your hair:

  • Women with curly hairSweat/activity level – generally sweating is caused by extreme activity like working out at the gym. Sweat can spread sebum and make your hair look and feel dirty. It’s advised to shampoo your hair after any sweaty or physical activity or any time you wear a hat or helmet for extended periods of time.
  • Styling products – it is a known fact that styling products can cause your hair to become greasy and oily. Use of heavy products may mean that you need to wash your hair more often.
  • Age – Adults and children do not tend to produce as much sebum as teenagers and young adults tend to have an oily scalp, with age it tends to slowly become drier, and the hair texture can change.


Why can hard water be problematic?

Skin conditions like neurodermatitis can flare up with hard water, as it can end up making your skin dry and irritated. The harder the water, the more calcareous it is. As a result – limescale is formed, not only on fittings and shower walls but also on the skin, making it feel dry and flaky. When the skin dries out, it fractures easily. Fine dirt particles might enter the skin through fissures and can prevent care products from penetrating the skin layers As a result, additional attention is required to soothe irritated skin.

What are the benefits of softened water?Male with dark hair

If skin and hair are dry and brittle, it may not be because of the wrong hair care – but it’s actually the water!

Hard water combined with soap or shower gel, can result in insoluble salts remaining on the skin and hair. This has a negative effect on the greasiness of the skin and makes it rougher.

Hair also suffers from calcareous water. Hard water can cause limescale insol­uble salts to remain on the hair. This makes your hair feel dry, makes it harder to comb through after washing. Arti­fi­cial hair colours fade faster and your hair overall loses its shine.

Those who live in soft water regions consider them­selves lucky. Over 60% of the UK lives with varying degrees of hard water. There is still a surprising number of us who are not aware of the differ­ences between hard and soft water. That number are also not aware of impact it can have on our daily lives.


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