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Soft Water Ideal For Your Skin and Hair

Does your skin feel dry and irritated after taking a shower? Are you struggling with dull and brittle hair? People usually blame their skincare products and switch to more expensive products in the hopes of getting better results. But little do they know that the problem could be the water, and no matter how many times they change their skincare products, they will not get the desired results if they use hard water. Hard water is harsh on your body and has an impact on your skin and hair when used to take showers. If you are experiencing similar issues, it is critical that you treat your hard water, and it is worthwhile to test your water before purchasing more expensive skincare products for yourself.

Impact of Hard Water on your Skin and Hair

1. Dry, Irritated Skin 

Minerals such as magnesium and calcium are present in high amounts in hard water. The harder the water, the more calcareous it is. Hard water causes limescale formation, which is deposited not only on fittings and shower walls, but also on the skin, making it dry and irritated.

When the skin is dry, it cracks easily, making it vulnerable to dust and other particles. Furthermore, the limescale in the water forms a layer on the skin that renders skincare products ineffective, causing your skin to become drier and irritated. As a result, you tend to use more products on your skin than before to achieve better results.

Hard water is also associated with skin diseases such as eczema. According to a study conducted by King’s College London, neurodermatitis in small children is most common in areas with high water hardness. Another study from the University of Sheffield indicates that hard water can destroy the protective skin barrier, making the skin more sensitive to potential irritants and exacerbating existing eczema.



2. Clogs your Pores and causes Breakouts

The high amounts of minerals present in the water don’t bind with the soap. Instead, it causes a soapy layer to form on your skin, which eventually clogs your pores. This results in skin irritation, redness or rashes, resulting into dry, flaky skin which contributes to breakouts.

3. Irritated or Dry Scalp

Hard water affects your hair as well, making your scalp dry. Just like your skin, the mineral content in the water doesn’t bind with your shampoo, resulting in a waxy layer on your hair and scalp. It renders your hair care products ineffective, making you use them more than normal to get better results. Hard water is responsible for your dull, dry hair, prone to breakage. And it feels harder when you comb your hair even after several washes. Hard water also causes discoloration, and artificial hair colours fade faster, and the hair tend to lose its shine too.

How can you protect your skin and hair from hard water?  

Problems such as dry skin and dull hair are associated with high levels of minerals in the water, which define the hardness of the water. No matter what skincare products you use on your skin or hair, the effects will last until the water is treated.

Soft water is gentle on your body due to low amount of minerals, and enhances the effectiveness of your skincare and haircare products when applied on your body. With soft water, you get greater benefits while using fewer care products. Skin and hair feel significantly softer and silkier, and hair colour lasts longer. This also helps you save money because you use fewer products.

There are numerous solutions for treating your water, from installing a shower head filter in your bathroom to fitting a water softener in you home. A shower filter head simply fits into your shower head and removes harmful chemicals like chlorine from the water before you take shower. A water softener, on the other hand, is installed in your plumbing network and removes excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the water, reducing the water hardness.

Each of these solutions have their own significance and it is important to test your water before deciding on a solution for your home. A hard water test kit will determine the hardness of the water in your home, and helps you in selecting the best water solution for yourself.

Hard water can have a significant impact on your body as well as on your home, and installing a water softener is the best and most effective way to combat the effects of hard water. Water softeners, such as BWT luxury water softeners, work on the ion exchange principle and replace hard substances dissolved in the water with sodium ions. The softened water, as a result, has low amounts of minerals, reducing the effects of hard water to a greater extent. It is gentle on your skin and hair and is a natural way to keep your skin softer and hair shinier, making it an excellent addition to your daily skincare routine.

Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

benefits of water softener

The benefits of water softeners are beyond softer skin and shinier hair. Soft water is not only beneficial to your skin and hair, but it is also beneficial to household appliances. The reason is the limescale that affects washing machines and dishwashers, leaves traces on all fittings in the house, clogs pipe and shortens the life of water-​​bearing devices.

Water softeners like BWT WS water softener help you solve numerous problems that are common in homes with hard water supply. It not only helps you reduce the mineral content of your water, but it yields greater benefits by saving money in the long run, which you could spend on more cleaning products, skincare products and maintenance of your appliances.

Also, softened water requires not more than 50% less cleaning products, that are responsible in polluting the environment. With less cleaning products, you are consuming fewer harmful chemicals that can harm the environment.



BWT water softeners are a sustainable water solution that benefits everyone – you, your family, your home and the environment. Make the smart choice with BWT Luxury Water and enjoy the benefits of soft, smooth water that is ideal for your lifestyle.


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