WS Range of Compact Water Softeners

Part of the BWT’s range of Luxury Water Softeners they have been designed and developed to suit UK homes, and their plumbing systems today’s busy lifestyles, guaranteeing you a plentiful supply of luxurious softened water.  WRAS approved The smaller models can easily be accommodated in a standard kitchen cupboard close to where your mains water enters the house and your Stopcock. The two larger models are are alsoWRAS approved and perfect for a larger utility and plant rooms.

Electronically controlled the WS range of water softeners are not only easy to install but are efficient and easy to live with.

Once Installed the only thing you will need to do is occasionally top up your new water softener with salt. Enjoy peace of mind from day one by taking advantage of BWT’s free commissioning service and a 2-year labour and 5-year parts warranty just give us a call once your new water softener is installed and working.

Luxurious silky BWT softened water looks after your family and home. Gentle on skin and hair it is tough on scale and scum helping to protect your boiler and kitchen appliances. The soft touch of luxury water is also kind to clothes helping to keep them stay soft and vibrant.

There is a WS series Water softener to suit most homes and family sizes in the UK, from single occupiers to larger families and everything in between. Choosing the right model is usually easy using the filters on our product pages, but if you are unsure, we are only a phone call away. For peace of mind all WS water softeners are WRAS approved and supplied with a 5 years parts and 2 year at home labour warranty.

If you like what you see but would prefer a more ‘appliance’ looking water softener or would like to link your new BWT water softener to the IOT then check out our Perla Silk Wi-Fi range also instore.  We even have your salt needs covered with our BWT subscription service, so you have your salt shipped directly to the front door.

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