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Luxury Water Softener – WS 455

The perfect water softener for households of up to 4 people. Its small footprint means it can be easily installed out of the way in a kitchen cupboard, utility room or garage depending on your incoming water supply. With a block salt option, the WS 455 is both practical and economical. Supplied with a 22mm installation kit, it is perfect for all types of UK hot water systems.

  • Perfectly fits into a variety of kitchen cupboards.
  • High flow rates – perfect for power showers.
  • Block salt and tablet salt options for convenience.
  • 22mm hoses and valves for unimpeded water delivery.
  • Automatic operation – just requires topping up with salt.
  • Smart water monitoring for lower water and salt usage.

Do you require installation?

Chosen Softener + £360* Fixed Price Installation

(subject to free site survey*)

*Includes installation, installation kit, associated plumbing and salt starter pack. This service is only available in selected areas at this time, please continue to check availability in your area



The price shown is for a standard Installation, our free site survey will confirm whether this is possible or not within your home. Additional cost may be required if non standard installation. Click here for more details

The WS 455 is part of a compact and concise range of modern water softeners that have been designed and developed for UK homes and plumbing systems.  Each model is easy to install and live with.

Free @ Home Commissioning

This is the perfect way to ensure your new Luxury water softener is perfectly set up for you, your home, your lifestyle and your local water conditions. Once set up correctly, your new Luxury Water softener will adapt to your normal water usage. This ensures that you have copious amounts of silky soft Luxury Water and minimises your water and salt usage. BWT’s Free @ Home Commissioning also provides the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions.

Model Shown PS15UK

Market Leading Warranty

The WS 455 is supplied with a full 5 year parts and 2 year labour @ home warranty. In the unlikelihood that your new softener should develop an issue there is no need to worry about getting it back to us, we will come to you. One of our fully trained engineers will soon have your favourite appliance back up and running again and no cost to you. When your warranty runs out you can simply top it up for a small fee, ensuring you’re free to enjoy all the benefits of luxury water worry free.

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BWT WS Water Softener Type WS 455
Nominal connection (outside thread) BSP ¾“ (DN 20)
Nominal flow rate in accordance with EN 14743 l/h 1440
Operating pressure (min./max.) bar 1.7 / 5.0
Operating flow range (min./max.) l/min 10 / 50
Maximum flow rate * l/min 50
Quantity of ion-exchange resin l 10
Nominal capacity Litres 1667
Capacity salt reservoir kg 15
Salt consumption per regeneration kg 0.3 – 1.2
Water consumption per regeneration l <75
Protection class IP 51
Water temperature (min./max.) °C 5 /49
Ambient temperature (min./max.) °C 5 /40
Electrical connection V/Hz 230 / 50
Dimensions: Width x depth x height (W x D2 x H) mm 270 x 480 x 532
Connection height (A) / Overflow height (S) mm 345 / 250
Operating weight, approx. kg 40
Fitting Kit mm Hi – Flow 22mm Valves and Hoses
*Tested with HiFlow connection – continuous operation at this level may affect softening efficiency


What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that contains dissolved hardness minerals above 100 parts per million (PPM). Relative levels of hardness have been established as: Soft Water less than 100 PPM Slightly Hard 100 TO 200 PPM Hard 300 TO 400 PPM Very Hard 400 and above

How Does A Water Softener Work?

BWT water softeners work on the ion exchange principle. They work by passing the incoming water supply through the resin bed, that removes all excess minerals and impurities. As a result, the calcium and magnesium cling to the resin beads and are replaced by sodium ions. The resin bed can only capture a certain amount of minerals, and when this limit is reached, the system is regenerated by flushing it with a brine solution. This helps in the removal of calcium deposits and replenishes the resin with sodium ions. Therefore, with water softeners you can easily turn your hard water into softened water.

Can You Drink Softened Water?

There are no real reasons why you cannot drink softened water, for most people it is a matter of choice and lifestyle. However, for those that have installed a water softener, please be mindful that softened water does contain a slight increase in the amount of sodium, the actual amount of which will depend on your local water hardness and is therefore not recommended for people who are on a low sodium diet, for the preparation of baby formula milk, or for areas where the hardness exceeds 390ppm. Please also note in line with guidance an untreated water tap should be available within the property.

Can You Use Water Softener Salt in Dishwater?

Once you have installed a water softener in your home, it is unlikely that you will need to add extra salt in your dishwasher. Simply change your dishwasher’s internal water softener setting to the off position or alternatively ensure the incoming water hardness setting is at its lowest/softest.

How Much Time Does It Take To Install A Water Softener System?

The installation time will depend on where the water softener is going to be installed and the experience of the installer. Given a suitable location with easy access to the necessary services we would expect an experienced installer to allow 3-4 hours. Check out our video on our YouTube channel How to install a BWT Water Softener, where we have explained the installation process.

Are the BWT Water Softeners electric Powered?

The WS range softeners use a ‘Plug In’ type transformer. The low voltage system is used to power the electronic control system and the valve during regeneration. The result is a water softener that can be set up to suit your local water conditions and that can adapt to your lifestyle. The electricity used is minimal and the small diameter cable from the transformer can in most cases be easily routed from the socket to the softener.

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