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Luxury Water Softeners WS Range

Luxury Water Softeners WS Range

The Luxury Water Softener WS Range transforms ordinary water into extraordinary softened water.

The Luxury Water Softeners WS Range are a concise range of modern water softeners that have been designed and developed for UK homes and plumbing systems. Beautifully made, efficient and fully automatic, each model is easy to install and live with.  Luxury Water is perfect for the whole family. Soft on your skin and tough on scale, the WS Range Softeners benefit not only you but your home too!

*Installation now available in selected areas by our chosen partner choose an option to continue


Softener + Fixed Price Installation

(subject to free site survey*)

Includes one selected water softener, installation, installation kit, associated plumbing and salt starter pack. This service is only available in selected areas at this time, please continue to check availability in your area


The price shown is for a standard Installation, our free site survey will confirm whether this is possible or not within your home. Additional cost may be required if non standard installation. Click here for more details

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  • Water Softeners designed with You and Your home in mind



    Wide range of softener to suit all styles of home and lifestyles.

    Easy to set up and use.

    Eco–friendly – low water and salt usage for minimal running costs.

    Choose block salt or tablet salt.

    Advanced electronic control system – simple & flexible.

    Low voltage electrics for easier installation.

    Built and tested to BS 14743:2005 for your peace of mind.

    The materials used in making the WS range softeners are BS6920 Certified

    5 years parts and 2 years labour at home warranty in the Mainland

    Free Commissioning in the Mainland

Benefits of Softened Water For You and Your Home

  • protect your appliances with bwt water softener

    Protecting Your Household Appliances

    A softener will help protect your household appliances and heating system from the effects of limescale. Limescale build-up can reduce the efficiency of your appliances and cause sudden or premature breakdowns. As a result, more money is spent on repairing these systems. In fact, limescale deposits can also have an insulating effect on your heating system, causing energy bills to rise as the years progress. Luxury softened water, on the other hand, helps in preventing limescale deposits within these systems that helps in maintaining their performance and efficiency.

  • softened water good for the planet

    Eco-friendly and Good for the planet

    When compared to hard water, softened water requires almost up to 50% less cleaning products and shampoos compared to hard water. Overuse of chemicals eventually pollutes the water system and impacts the environment. With softened water, you are helping the planet by reducing the use of chemicals. Also, softened water like soft water in nature is soft and gentle, so you most likely won’t need any additional conditioners for your laundry.

  • save money with bwt water softeners

    Helps You Save Money

    Softened water helps you save money over time.

    • Softened water encourages soaps and detergents to foam and lather more easily, shampoo to work more efficiently all whilst using up to 50% less of each one.
    • Household appliances work efficiently with softened water, and have fewer breakdowns due to limescale build-up.
    • With no scale your appliances continue to work efficiently longer, so you can save money on your energy bills.
  • water softeners good for your skin and hair

    Good For Your Skin and Hair

    When hard water is used on the skin and hair, it leaves traces of minerals that combine with soaps to clog pores reducing your natural oils. This causes your skin to feel dry and at times even itchy. Luxury softened water is an excellent addition to your daily skincare and haircare routine. Because of the lower mineral content, it has a gentle effect on your skin and hair making them feel softer and shinier.


  • pamper your laundry with water softeners

    Gentle on Your Laundry

    Softened water acts as a natural conditioner for your clothes, making them softer and fluffier. Because with softened water, detergents lather up and wash away easily leaving no scum or soap residue build-up on the fabrics. The gentle effect of softened water makes your clothes softer and fluffier, and also helps in keeping their colours vibrant for longer.



  • How does WS Water Softener work?



    BWT luxury WS water softeners work by passing the incoming water supply through the resin bed, also known as ion exchange resin. They run on the ion exchange principle, with water being passed through the system to remove all excess minerals and impurities. Limescale is formed when there are too many calcium and magnesium ions in the water. As a result, when water passes through the water softener, the calcium and magnesium cling to the resin beads and are replaced by sodium ions. The resin bed can only capture a certain amount of minerals, and when this limit is reached, the system is regenerated by flushing it with a brine solution. This helps in the removal of calcium deposits and replenishes the resin with sodium ions. Therefore, with water softeners you can easily turn your hard water into softened water.

  • Free @HOME Commissioning

    Free @ Home Commis­sioning is the perfect way to ensure your new Luxury water softener is perfectly set up for you, your home, your lifestyle and your local water conditions.

    Set up correctly your new Luxury Water softener will adapt to your normal water usage and make sure that you always have copious amounts of silky soft Luxury Water available when you need it.

    Perfectly tuned to your soft water needs your new softener minimises the amount of salt you use making it extremely efficient.

    BWT’s Free @ Home Commissioning also provides the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about how your new softener and how it works.

  • Standard Installation Checklist

    All necessary pipework including the main water supply and waste pipe must be visible and accessible.
    The model of softener chosen must be suitable for your home.
    There must be sufficient space to install your softener within 2m of your main stopcock (this is where your cold water supply enters your house).
    The stop cock must be in a working condition.
    The installation must be within 2m of a suitable outside wall through which a small over flow pipe can be installed.
    There must be easy and safe access to a mains plug socket within 2m of the proposed installation.
    Once installed you will have enough room to top up the salt


    Installation notes: The WS355, WS655 and WS755 are supplied with a 15 mm fitting kit as standard. The WS455 and WS555 are supplied with a full 22 mm kit as standard. (Overflow pipe is not included)

    Not able to tick all the boxes? Don’t worry, at BWT we understand your home is special and unique to you, but in most cases it is possible to install a water softener without any issues. Occasionally our site survey team do find that a standard Installation is not possible, in these cases they will take the time to explain your options without any obligations. Our installation video is an ideal way to see a standard install taking place in practice. Any questions please call or email us and we will be happy to share our knowledge.

    Please click here to see our standard Installation video:

  • Which BWT Water Softener can use block and tablet salt?

    The following water softeners from BWT are designed to use either type of salt.

    Luxury Water softeners
    WS455 10 litres Automatic water softener
    WS555 14 litres family sized water softener

  • Dimensions

    (H x D x W)

    WS355: 602 x 480 x 270mm

    WS455: 532 x 480 x 270mm

    WS555: 602 x 480 x 270mm

    WS655: 804 x 480 x 270mm

    WS755: 804 x 480 x 270mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Hard water is water that contains dissolved hardness minerals above 100 parts per million (PPM). Relative levels of hardness have been established as:

  • Soft Water less than 100 PPM
  • Slightly Hard 100 TO 200 PPM
  • Hard 300 TO 400 PPM
  • Very Hard 400 and above

BWT water softeners work on the ion exchange principle. They work by passing the incoming water supply through the resin bed, that removes all excess minerals and impurities. As a result, the calcium and magnesium cling to the resin beads and are replaced by sodium ions. The resin bed can only capture a certain amount of minerals, and when this limit is reached, the system is regenerated by flushing it with a brine solution. This helps in the removal of calcium deposits and replenishes the resin with sodium ions. Therefore, with water softeners you can easily turn your hard water into softened water.

There are no real reasons why you cannot drink softened water, for most people it is a matter of choice and lifestyle. However, for those that have installed a water softener, please be mindful that softened water does contain a slight increase in the amount of sodium, the actual amount of which will depend on your local water hardness and is therefore not recommended for people who are on a low sodium diet or for the preparation of baby formula milk.

Once you have installed a water softener in your home, it is unlikely that you will need to add extra salt in your dishwasher. Simply change your dishwasher’s internal water softener setting to the off position or alternatively ensure the incoming water hardness setting is at its lowest/softest.

The installation time will depend on where the water softener is going to be installed and the experience of the installer. Given a suitable location with easy access to the necessary services we would expect an experienced installer to allow 3-4 hours. Check out our video on our YouTube channel How to install a BWT Water Softener, where we have explained the installation process.

The WS range softeners use a ‘Plug In’ type transformer. The low voltage system is used to power the electronic control system and the valve during regeneration. The result is a water softener that can be set up to suit your local water conditions and that can adapt to your lifestyle. The electricity used is minimal and the small diameter cable from the transformer can in most cases be easily routed from the socket to the softener.