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Baby in towel

Your laundry will be cuddly and soft with BWT

| Health Lifestyle Product

Do you want your clothes to stay soft over time, even if you don’t use a dryer or fabric softener? Then your water could hold the solution. Most household tend to wash their popular clothes several times a week, on average between once and twice a week. Washing clothes in hard water can be damaging to…

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powermag from bwt effective and potable

BWT Powermag – An Effective and Potable Water Conditioner

| Lifestyle Product

Looking for an effective answer to satisfy your customers who want to protect their installations from limescale without the need of chemicals? Then a physical water conditioner from BWT may just be the answer! Easily installed, a physical water conditioner, like the BWT Powermag, can offer effective protection at a competitive price and without the ongoing…

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water softening vs limescale protector

Water Softening Vs Limescale Protection

| Product

The effects of hard water on our homes, such as the formation of limescale, are well known and can have a substantial effect on our heating system and appliances if left unchecked. However, limescale problems can be tackled with water treatment solutions such as a water softening system and limescale protection products like physical water conditioners.

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