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Water Treatment Solutions for your home

The effects of hard water are inevitable when you are living in a hard water zone. Hard water is present across large parts of the UK, particularly in Norfolk, Suffolk, and the Southeast of England, affecting millions of homes. The most common problem people encounter is the formation of limescale, which can affect a large part of your home, including the kitchen and bathroom, and the taste of your water.

People tend to use a combination of shop bought and DIY solutions to combat the visual tell-tale signs of hard water deposits. Measures like homemade solutions of vinegar or lime to remove limescale form within appliances or watermarks from taps, or proprietary cleaning solutions to remove scum and water stains from bathroom fixtures. These solutions, however, are only temporary and don’t prevent the formation of limescale, watermarks or scum in your home. Even if you use expensive cleaners, you will be disappointed to see them reappearing until your water is treated.

Moreover, the water delivered to our homes in the UK undergoes some very strict standards. But even then the taste can differ from one area to another. The actual taste can be influenced by many things, from the source of the water to the chemicals used to treat it so it is safe to drink. The actual quality is also affected by the pipes it travels through and our own domestic water systems. Calcium and trace elements of heavy metals like lead and copper along with chlorine can result in unsightly limescale deposits and impair the flavour.

The problems can be endless but the solution is easy and simple – WATER TREATMENT. Water treatment can take many forms including the installation of a water softener to address any limescale problems in your home or a water filtration system to remove unwanted elements such as heavy metals, limescale, pesticides and bacteria (depending on the water filter) from your drinking water. However, if you are looking for a complete house water filtration solution, installing a water filtration and softening system is one of the most effective ways to treat water problems in your home.

Benefits of Water Solutions in your home

A complete water treatment solution in your home can provide numerous benefits for you and your family, helping to make your home free from limescale and providing a better drinking experience.

1. On-Demand Fresh, Filtered Drinking Water

BWT Thero 90 RO

In the UK, tap water is safe to drink. However, when carried through water pipes, it can pick up unwanted elements, affecting the quality and taste of the water. This is why having a drinking water filter installed at home is ideal for ensuring that your water tastes good and is free of unwanted elements or excess minerals.

It is an excellent way to enjoy fresh, filtered water with enhanced taste from the comfort of your own home, for a more enjoyable drinking experience. It can also help reduce your consumption of single-use plastic bottled water in your kitchen, saving you money and the need to make those extra trips to the supermarket.

2. Soft, Smooth Luxury Water for Showers & Laundry


benefits of water solutions

Did you know that hard water can be harsh on your body?

The high calcium content in the water is not only harmful to your home and household appliances, but it can also pose a significant impact to your skin and hair. It clogs your pores, rendering cosmetics ineffective and leaving you at times with irritated, dry skin and rough, dull hair. When used for laundry, it requires you to use extra detergent and more water for rinsing that can make your clothes rough, brittle, and scratchy on your skin.

Softened water, on the other hand, is gentler on your skin and leaves your clothes feeling soft and bright. You can enjoy the benefits of softened water that is good for your skin, hair, and clothes by installing a  water softener to remove those minerals that make water appear hard and leaving soft, smooth luxury water in its place.

3. Long-lasting Appliances & Plumbing System

BWT Water Softener for Home Appliances

It is a known fact that hard water causes limescale. But do you realise how damaging it can be to your home?

Limescale accumulates in all the appliances that you use to heat water. When water is heated, the calcium in the water crystallises and forms limescale, which gets deposited within the appliance. It eventually leads to build up of scale, which has an impact on the performance of the appliances and reduces their efficiency. This can lead to more frequent breakdowns and a shorter life expectancy.

Water softeners can have a direct and positive impact on the performance and maintenance of your home appliances, plumbing, and heating system. When hard water is treated throughout your home, limescale formation in these systems is significantly reduced. As a result, there are fewer breakdowns and an overall improvement in performance.

In short, water softeners can improve the efficiency and overall health of your appliances, providing you with additional peace of mind.

4. Better for your planet and your pocket

protect the planet

The benefits of water treatment are not constrained to you and your home; it is also beneficial to the environment.

Having a drinking water solution at home helps eliminate the consumption of single-use plastic bottled water in your home, thereby helping to reduce the tonnes of plastic waste we all produce every year while cutting the carbon footprint of transporting water.

When you use a water softener, you require fewer chemical solutions or descalers because it helps to prevent scum, water stains and limescale deposition in your home. Moreover, because softened water is gentle and soft on your clothes, you won’t need as much detergent or any additional fabric softeners in your laundry. Less chemical consumption in homes results in less pollution and more savings, which is good for your pocket and for the environment.

Water Filters & Softeners – Ideal for your home 

The benefits of water solutions are numerous and each of these water solutions help you make a significant difference in your everyday lifestyle.

Water softeners are ideal for your homes, especially if you live in an area with hard water. Water softeners, such as BWT Luxury Perla Silk water softeners and BWT WS Water Softeners, allow you to enjoy the benefits of softened water throughout your home, right from your kitchen to the bathroom. It is directly connected to your water supply, so that when water enters your home the minerals that cause limescale are removed before moving around your plumbing system, resulting in soft, smooth water that is good for your home including your kitchen appliances, cutlery, dishes, surfaces, bathroom fixtures and laundry.

On the other hand, drinking water solutions such as BWT water dispensers or BWT under-sink kitchen tap water filters provide a simple way to enjoy on-demand fresh, filtered water on-demand without using any chemicals. These drinking solutions use BWT’s patented technology that mineralise water with vital minerals such as magnesium, a flavour carrier, that helps improve the overall taste of your water and the beverages you make with it provide you with the best drinking experience from the comfort of your kitchen.

AQA drink Pure Urban and AQA drink Pure Loft are new additions to BWT’s under-sink water filter product range. They are stylish water filter kits that come with 3-in-1 kitchen sink tap (U or L shaped) giving you the choice to enjoy filtered, hot, cold and mixed unfiltered water from a single tap, complimenting your kitchen as well as your lifestyle.

The effects of hard water are significant, however, with the BWT water solutions you can get complete home protection that gives you peace of mind. Also, with BWT exclusive offers you get a chance to enjoy amazing discounts on the installation, when you choose water softener and drinking water solution both installed at the same time (offer for a limited period).

Whether you are moving to a new home, renovating your kitchen, or simply looking to upgrade your water at home, the BWT drinking water filter and water softener combo will provide you with water that is ideal for your household applications and drinking needs. An ideal and smart choice for your home, lifestyle, and everyday water needs.

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