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Which is the best water to make perfect coffee?

The best coffee isn’t always about just the best beans, as 98% of black coffee is water. Using the best quality coffee or choosing the right brewing method is not enough. Optimising your water for the right balance of minerals is also a must for that perfect cup of coffee. Because if the water is not right, you will struggle to get that spot-on taste and flavour of the coffee. This is quite a common problem in homes with a hard water supply (those containing higher amounts of hardness minerals) or a water supply containing chemicals such as chlorine, often used to disinfect drinking water supplied to your home. These undesirable elements affect the taste of your water, and when used to make coffee, can affect its taste as well. And one of the main reasons why getting that perfect taste becomes difficult even when you are using high-quality coffee beans.

What type of water can I use for my coffee?

According to an article from the Department of Chemistry, University of Bath: “The Role of Dissolved Cations in Coffee Extraction” ACS publication 2014, water with the right mineral balance is essential for getting the best flavours from your coffee, whether using roasted coffee beans or instant coffee at home. Many areas in the UK have a hard water supply, that can result in limescale build-up in household appliances like your kettle or coffee machine. As well as affecting the performance of your appliances, ordinary tap water can also affect the taste of your water. Differing taste, less-efficient appliances and limescale damage around the home are all too common for those living in hard water areas.

There are a number of alternative solutions available for those people looking to achieve the very best taste from their coffee consistently.

Option 1: Spring Bottled Water

These are the most common types of water that we all have used or encountered in our nearest local or supermarket store, packaged in single-plastic bottles or tetra packs. According to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs UK “Compare types of bottled water” Guidance, this type of water typically comes from an underground water source and is tapped at a natural or drilled exit, is free of bacteria and pollution, and is bottled at the spring site.

Using bottled water can enhance the taste of your coffee making your drink more flavourful and tasty. The reason is simple, this type of water is chemically and contains the right balance of minerals. Whilst the resulting coffee tastes good the biggest concern for many of us is the impact that, water in single-use plastics is having on our environment significantly.

Did you know, around 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used every year according Water UK? With the average person in the UK now using 150 plastic water bottles every year, that’s more than 3 a week. Using single-use plastics is detrimental to our planet and choosing the best alternatives is the need of the hour.

BWT not only stands for the avoid­ance of single-​use plastic bottles but also for the treat­ment and refine­ment of your local water. Read more about our Bottle Free Zone and BWT’s mission “For You and Planet Blue”.

Option 2: Filtered Water

Filtered water is the water that has gone through a filtration process to remove unwanted or undesirable elements like heavy metals, bacteria, or other impurities. Exactly what is removed will depend on the filter media and technology used.

Tap water in the UK is safe to drink, but sometimes can pick up traces of undesirable elements when travelling through the supply pipe and our own domestic water system. Or if you live in a hard water area, your tap water will contain high amounts of minerals such as calcium that can cause limescale build-up when heated. Many of these can impair the taste when used to prepare coffee.

There are various types of drinking water filters designed to remove different levels of unwanted elements from your tap water. These filters use different technologies and filter media to help you with specific problems such as removing chlorine for improved taste or reducing the high amounts of minerals to prevent limescale build-up.

Whether you are only looking to improve the taste of your tap water or want to cater additional problems such as limescale formation in your home there is almost certainly a filter solution for you, from a simple carbon block to the most advanced 5 stage filtration cartridges perfect for optimising your local drinking water.

Thanks to BWT drinking water filters, we can enjoy the taste of Magnesium Mineralized Water right in our homes, without the need of buying bottled water every day from the supermarket.

Option 3: Purified Water

Reverse Osmosis is the process of pushing water under pressure through a permeable membrane to help create 99.9% pure water. One of the most common myths about the RO systems is that you tend to lose access to the essential nutrients that are in your normal tap water. Whilst it is true that some UK tap water does contain nutrients, these are easily obtained  in  a well balanced diet which is rich in nutrients. So when it comes to reverse osmosis, the pros can far outweigh the cons.

The Thero 90 and Thero 90 Pro systems are part of BWT’s new range of reverse osmosis systems that can deliver purified water directly to your tap. Pure water that is free from Nanoparticles, Microplastics and even Bacteria.

BWT’s Bestaqua 14 ROC Coffee (Reverse Osmosis Compact) uses the reverse osmosis process that sits at the heart of its system to create the best water for coffee. It not only removes the unwanted substances, but also adds magnesium for an enhanced taste.

Only with BWT, you can get the smart combination of Reverse Osmosis and BWT’s magnesium enhancing technology. This unique and innovative combination allows you to remove undesirable substances whilst at the same time achieving a balanced mineralisation of the water. Perfect water that helps protect coffee machines as well as improves the taste and flavour of your coffee.

Quality of water is essential for brewing coffee

calcium and magnesium ratio in the water


If you’re juggling with the drinking water choices that might be right for your home, rest assured purified water and filtered water can both be excellent choices. The type of water you should choose will largely depend on your preferences and what’s accessible to you both locally and cost wise. In many cases, people choose drinking water solution that delivers the water that tastes best to them, which can and often is largely subjective.

A research co-funded for BWT and SCAE’s Research Committee, “Charting Water for Better Coffee” studied the impact of the magnesium and calcium ratio and found out that it has a noticeable effect on the sensory taste of the coffee.

The experiment conducted, saw a significant difference on the sensory attributes of the coffee when the concentration of magnesium and calcium in the water was changed.

At a ratio of 1:3 (e.g., 25% Mg to 75% Ca), there was a significant increase in the intensity of astringency and bitterness while the perceived level of fruitiness in the coffee was reduced slightly. Meanwhile, the sensory attributes of acidity and sweetness remained constant throughout the experiment.

BWT with its range of water filters and reverse osmosis systems ensures that users can get the right balance of minerals from their tap water, thanks to their patented magnesium enhancing technology. If you are looking to upgrade your water at home for that perfect cup of coffee, here we have listed some different water solutions you might want to consider in your bid for the perfect water for your coffee.

Filtered water options for you!


bwt water filter jugs

Water Filter Jugs are one of the most cost-effective solutions that can help you filter your water in minutes. However, always keep in mind that not all filters give you the same benefits. BWT Water Filter Jugs use innovative and unique filter technology that help you improve the taste of your water by reducing the amounts of substances that cause bad tastes, odours and even the levels of limescale from it.

These are beautifully designed light weight jugs that are easy to use and the choice of unique cartridges provide you with multiple benefits such as removing heavy metals like chlorine, reducing the high amounts of certain minerals and adding Magnesium and traces of Zinc for extra freshness and better taste.

BWT’s range of individualised cartridges, each providing different benefits and are designed with distinct preferences and lifestyles in mind. So whether you are simply looking for a better tasting water or  desire a water with a balanced pH or looking to banish limescale, BWT most likely have the perfect filter cartridge for you.


bwt under sink water filters

Getting filtered water directly from your kitchen tap is a smarter way to enjoy mineralised water in the comfort of your home. Drinking water filters can take many forms from simple inline filters to whole advanced filtration systems that lay at the heart of BWT drinking water filter systems such as the AQA drink Urban and Loft. Compact and easily installed, they are efficient and provide you with on-demand mineralised water, perfect for making beverages such as coffees, teas, and can even enhance the flavours of your meals.

These filter kits are installed directly under your kitchen sink tap and filter out unwanted elements from your water as well as adding magnesium before it gets delivered to you from the sink tap.

BWT’s new range of under sink filter systems come with a stylish GROHE 3-in-1 kitchen tap that complements your kitchen décor and provides you with three water options – filtered, unfiltered cold, and hot water. It improves the overall taste of your water, while also protecting your kitchen from the effects of limescale.


Water dispensers are another way to have a continuous supply of mineralised water in your kitchen. These versatile units are available as floor standing or countertop models, and can be permanently plumbed into your drinking water supply ready for filtering, chilling or being heated. Alternatively, you can tap into the convenience of a self-contained bottled water model easily sited requiring just access to standard plug socket. BWT Bottled Magnesium Mineralized Water is purified and mineralised with a unique blend of minerals for purity, taste, and balance for your wellbeing. BWT’s patented technology ensures added freshness and enhanced taste, providing you with the perfect drinking water experience.

Water is available in 11 and 19 litre reusable bottles that are collected with each new delivery before being returned to our botting facility, cleaned and sterilized for up to 50 times before being fully recycled.

Smaller households of up to 4 people can simply choose BWT 360 water, a convenient and hassle-free service provided by BWT wherein you will receive a sleek floor standing water dispenser (easily fits in your kitchen and yours to keep) with 3 bottles of magnesium mineralized water. These bottles remain BWT’s properties so they can be reused and eventually recycled upon their return. These water dispensers are compact, easy to use and provide you with Magnesium Mineralized Water served as hot, cold, or ambient, satisfying different preferences.

At BWT, we are constantly working on developing sustainable technologies to provide consumers with optimised water, containing the right balance of minerals, for enhanced flavour and freshness that gives you the best tasting drinking water. We also help make your local water the best water possible with our advanced water solutions, so people can avoid drinking water from single-use plastic bottles. Water with great taste that also helps in making your coffee tastier and more flavorsome.

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