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    Immerse yourself in the world of silky – soft Luxury Water

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Luxury Water WS Range

The comfort of coming home!

BWT’s Luxury Water WS Range helps to protect against limescale and helps to prolong the life of your household appliances whilst giving you the luxury of saving time and spending less. Softened water brings a touch of luxury into your home. The BWT WS ranges from 6 different 10-25l sizes, ensuring there’s a softener that’s ideal for you! Softened water not only benefits your home but is also excellent for you and your family with skin and hair feeling softer, smoother and more replenished. For unrivalled style, performance and efficiency choose from the Luxury Water WS Range.

Perla Silk Range Luxury Water Softeners

Luxury Water Perla Silk Range

For you, your family and your home!

The BWT Luxury Water Perla Silk has been specifically designed for modern living by complimenting today’s busy lifestyles and by delivering an abundance of softened water efficiently to your homes. Simple and easy to operate, the Perla Silk has a display that allows you to set the time, water hardness and regeneration time, ensuring no water and salt is wasted! With BWT’s smart technology, you can easily operate your Perla Silk through the BWT Best Water Home app. The Perla Silk is also available with Wi-Fi so it can be operated digitally through your smart appliances. Luxury water made available in the most convenient and advanced way!
Modern technology for your modern homes means you can now enjoy, protect and save more effectively with BWT’s Luxury Water Perla Silk. Start your Perla water journey today!

BWT Perla Luxury water softeners

Luxury Water Perla Range

Exploring the new era of technology!

The BWT Perla is a smart, modern and intuitive water softener designed for a busy lifestyle. BWT Perla changes hard, calcareous water into silky soft Luxury Water, easily and effectively. With a simple and easy operating function, the Perla works as quietly as a whisper and has a modern display that lets you keep track of the time, water hardness and regeneration time.
Silky soft BWT Luxury water relieves pressure not only on the environment but on your purse too. Fewer limescale deposits in your appliances also mean less energy loss. The Perla can also be easily operated through the BWT Best Water Home app. This means the Perla can send you all the relevant notifications through a WiFi connection, including salt levels, service information and lets you set the holiday mode remotely.
The Perla is a combination of excellent design and added value, helping you to enjoy, protect and save with BWT’s Luxury Water