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Baby in towel

Your laundry will be cuddly and soft with BWT

| Health Lifestyle Product

Do you want your clothes to stay soft over time, even if you don’t use a dryer or fabric softener? Then your water could hold the solution. Most household tend to wash their popular clothes several times a week, on average between once and twice a week. Washing clothes in hard water can be damaging to…

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bwt pool robots make cleaning easy

BWT Pool Robot | Makes your pool cleaning easy

| Lifestyle Product

During warm summer months there’s nothing more exciting than taking a dip in your own pool. If only it wasn’t for the annoying and time-consuming cleaning! But clear, hygienically pure pool water is the prerequisite for complete bathing fun. If you want to save yourself the cleaning work, you can rely on a pool robot.…

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BWT water ideal to make coffee

Which is the best water to make perfect coffee?

| Lifestyle Product

The best coffee isn’t always about just the best beans, as 98% of black coffee is water. Using the best quality coffee or choosing the right brewing method is not enough. Optimising your water for the right balance of minerals is also a must for that perfect cup of coffee. Because if the water is…

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soft water better for your skin and hair

Soft Water Ideal For Your Skin and Hair

| Beauty Lifestyle Product

Water hardness is associated with dry, irritated skin and dull hair. Hard water contains high amounts of minerals that make your products ineffective and clogs your pores, making your skin dry and hair dull. Treating your hard water and removing the excess minerals is the most effective solution, resulting into soft, smooth luxury water. Softened water is gentle on your body, ensuring softer skin and shinier hair.

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